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It has now been over 4 years since we first went online. In this period, we studied thousands of albums and even more singles.

We went through various conceptual articles, CSPC, ASR, Heat maps, Prediction labs, etc.

As you know, it’s a mammoth task to publish all relevant articles plus fresh content in a regular basis.

This led us to this very simple question: what do you want? What are you hoping to see when you reach

Below is a poll that provides you multiple options. You can select as many as 3 options to list what you appreciate the most.

If we missed something, the last option lets you enter any other answer. Thanks for your time!

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So CSPC from biggest legacy artists are far ahead everything else and as I go to your site once a day for almost two years now I do have to tell you that if you dont do Santana till september this year I would no bother to check what is going on here anymore. How can you for such a long time dont include Supernatural ( 30million ) in biggest albums Smooth in biggest songs (2nd in Billboard all time) and artist as such with 100 million sold worldwide? And you did many far more smaller. You are not RIAA… Read more »


Congratulations for change in your life. But IMO you have maybe right on sellings about new artist in comparison to older but it is the fact that now music is far more cheaper and easier to get, you need to have a phone and you have a piece for 1 dollar or less, in 70 you need to go to music shop in bigger city and buy an album that maybe cost sometimes around 50 dollars in todays money value or more. And therefore people copied it by themselves on tape and nobody ever will now how many copies were… Read more »

Thomas Christiansen

Joe, I’m also a big fan of Rock. And I like Santana too. And you’re right, they are missing from the list. But they are hardly the only big rock act absent. And you’re not the only one waiting. Other big rock acts like Van Halen, Def Leppard, Mötley Crue, Pearl Jam, Deep Purple, Scorpions, Judas Priest, Foreigner and Iron Maiden would be worthy additions to the list as well.

The task at hand is monumental! We all have to be patient.


I am a fan of Van Halen, Deep Purple and Pearl Jam also but you know it is the reason that i ask for Santana in first place- that is he has the biggest album from all acts that you have mentioned – Supernatural- the biggest hit from those – Smooth- and sold more albums than all other that you suggested. So that is why he is so crucial cos he ‘can’ mess sth on those lists. A also would love to see Clapton andn then Van Halen – but next after Santana- in just for that one reason.


Can you do Nicki’s career sales? please


Nikki Sixx from Motley Crue? I agree.


Could you make a list of radio airplay in this way? If you visit this site, you can check the figures on a yearly basis.

Even if “all-time” list is hard, It would be good to post it yearly basis.


Can you study 2pac and B.I.G.’s sales plz??

Rodolfo Queiroz Laterza

Congratulations for the huge work! There is very hard and complex.

Please me and millions fans would love to see the more accurated prediction about Deep Purple ‘s albuns and singles sold. Several articles show 100 million albums sold but there is not basis data.


I’d also love to see what estimations you have for Diana Ross/The Supremes and Olivia Newton-John, who is probably one of the top selling female physical singles artist.


Update for P!nk and new article for Halsey please…


I’d love for you to do a Top 20 selling albums adjusted. Similar to how the Box-Office has the highest grossing films period and adjusted

No streams or SPS added. Just pure sales. I believe 1998-2000 (I could be wrong)were the biggest years for album sales.

I’m thinking Adele could take the cake with both of her albums, or Michael might still be #1.

Calvin Ganza

Adjusted for what?


He means adjusted albums sales for how strong the market was at each year I think…but I really don’t see the point because the whole idea of CSPC is that it already is a way of “adjusting” sales so we can make comparisons. Plus albums sales accumulate over the course of many years (unlike movie box office which is typically in one year), so sales from each year would have to be adjusted separately to compare for the market that year, which is a ridiculous amount of work.


What I was saying is…

I believe the biggest years in music for album sales are from 1998-2000, although I could be wrong. Basically, using percentages, he could make a Top Ten All-Time sellers adjusted, to match the sales of 1998-2000.

Here is an example. Adele sold 30 million copies with 21 in a horrid market for album sales. Now if it is adjusted to match the 1998-2000 market, the total is now 85 million copies (Just an example).


It doesn’t make any sense. Box office needs adjusting, when counting in money, not tickets sold (units). CSPC is already counted in units, not money.


One more from me. Can i ask how our opinion is important if for almost 1,5 years I and many others asks for artist like Santana with more than 100 m sold albums worldwide and you are doing streaming masters of some artist from Korea pop or Italy that are – with all the respect – nowhere near to legacy? Just asking.


I believe they are working on the legacy artists but it’s going to take a while to finish it so they try to squeeze in smaller artists (they’re asking who so they can work on the smaller artists (Nicki Minaj has not yet been done though) requested), streaming masters, global heatmap articles from time to time

So just be patient.


As far as I’m concerned, I don’t read the streaming masters articles. I only read the CSPC ones and, with a lesser interest, the industry-related articles.

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