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It has now been over 4 years since we first went online. In this period, we studied thousands of albums and even more singles.

We went through various conceptual articles, CSPC, ASR, Heat maps, Prediction labs, etc.

As you know, it’s a mammoth task to publish all relevant articles plus fresh content in a regular basis.

This led us to this very simple question: what do you want? What are you hoping to see when you reach

Below is a poll that provides you multiple options. You can select as many as 3 options to list what you appreciate the most.

If we missed something, the last option lets you enter any other answer. Thanks for your time!

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Nice to see the majority, so far, are in unison with my personal thoughts; additional tools, biggest legacy artists and updates.


Thanks for all your hard work! I would really like for all your top-10s to be as up to date as possible.


I have a lot of requests/suggestions but I’ll be different this time and just mention one. Requesting to prioritize your list of top 100 best-selling singles of all time. You can start your list with updating the numbers of your current top 100 (you have to update those from #101-150 in your system just in case some songs would manage to gain more numbers to make it to the top 100) , add the numbers especially on songs featured on movies or songs featuring more than one artists, (example : add total eas of Beauty & The Beast of Peabo… Read more »


I’d never have guessed you’d want Chartmasters main agenda to be, something that benefits Celine Fucking Dion!

Surprised you didn’t suggest Chartmasters main agenda should be, to get Mariah Carey and Celine Dion to record a duet!


I agree with Martin as well. Céline Dion is very humble. Even she would probably tell him that she’s not that special and crack jokes about it. 🙂 Back to the article: Please publish CSPC articles for successful yet missing artists like Tina Turner, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross & The Supremes, Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine, Ricky Martin, Boyz II Men etc. and update artists with outdated CSPC numbers like Drake, Pink etc. We all need to distract ourselves in these strange and scary times and I hope that everybody’s safe and sound. I want to thank MJD and… Read more »


Lol. I only gave an example. It’s not really about Celine on top of the list. The site’s current list shows MHWGO and i want to be certain if it really is. Besides, either MHWGO will either be on top or places second, I really wanna see what other songs are in the top 100. And chartmasters do not need to study every artist, sometimes they just need to study certain big songs. About the poll which i have voted 3 options, my best choice was the 3rd choice/option, biggest legacy artist. But it’s going to be hard work and… Read more »


I agree with Martin. A few months ago RLAAMJR. you wrote some very interesting posts worth reading. But now, you just became boring with that continuous gabbling about Celine Dion.


The Dion is strong in that one. Him trying not to mention, champion, overstate, defend etc the Dion, must be akin to a Heroin addict trying to steer clear of Heroin!


The answer is obvious:

To publish CSPCs from the biggest legacy artists untracked so far.



This poll is a good idea. Personally I think we should prioritize CSPC for some important artists that haven’t been studied so far:
– The Police/Sting
– The Cure
– Depeche Mode
– Sade
– Smashing Pumpkins
– Massive Attack
– Simply Red
– Simple Minds
– Pet Shop Boys
– Inxs

I’m sure i’m missing some.

keep up the good work, this website is really excellent!


Esp Sade

Cameron Tracy

Why So Many rock acts though, why not Pop or another genre? I dont really get the appel of that genre that much anyway also why do Rock comments get upvoted so much and Non Rock ones get a lot of negative downvotes. Personally i think its unfair a little bit due to this whole concept of album sales wanting to be known came from a very pop oriented website called ukmix im not saying pop should be first and foremost i agree with every genre getting their fair share of studies however i dont wanna see constantly rock articles… Read more »


First, thank you very much for this interesting and very informative website.

Personally I would love to see the two things here:

1. List of the top five selling artists by each country in the world.
2. Make the waiting time for the announcement of a new studied artist shorter. Although I am aware that it is a painstaking job for the team to study a new artist.


Top selling artists, albums and singles by country would indeed be very interesting.


Your CSPC system has already gained such huge popularity among music fans, I think it’s only right if you update it so that it comprehensively includes all the top-selling artists. There’s a couple glaring omissions still, and we’re waiting patiently 🙂 All the best.


I personally would like to see the top-selling artists list completed for at least all the 100 million + cspc. There are probably only another what, 10-20 artists over 100 million?

I appreciate all your hard work and find this website very interesting, however the long wait for new CSPC artists can be quite a drag.


Yeah! This is for me far the most important also. If i do want best singles i would go to billboard charts maybe or somewhere else. But artists with albums sails 100 million worldwide like Santana, Clapton that are not included yet its must if want to be accurate in who is who in music business imo.


All that I ask you in this lifetime is one thing: CSPC! 😃 😂😂😂


Hi !!
I just wanted to thank you for all your job and your articles on this website. It easily became one of my favourite, I’m on it everyday to see if there’s a new article!
All your concepts are good and interesting, if I could, I’d check everything on the poll XD

Thank you again !! 😀

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