Best selling artists, albums and singles of all-time

Table of Contents

Page 3: List of artists studied (& links)

Tracks Ranking:
Page 4: Raw sales – Physical singles
Page 5: Raw sales – Digital singles
Page 6: CSPC – #1 per year
Page 7: CSPC – Overall sales

Albums Ranking:
Page 8: Raw sales – Studio albums
Page 9: Streaming (EAS) – Catalog (before 2000)
Page 10: CSPC – #1 per year
Page 11: CSPC – Overall sales

Artists Ranking:
Page 12: Physical singles sales
Page 13: Digital singles sales
Page 14: Streaming
Page 15: Singles (all formats)
Page 16: CSPC – #1 per decade
Page 17: Raw sales – All albums
Page 18: CSPC – Overall sales
Page 19: ASR – Per type
Page 20: ASR – Overall ranking

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What is going on with Justin Bieber’s numbers on the “Top CSPC – the best
selling artists of all-time” page ? From 88 mil to 94 mil within a few days .


his total is always glitching I don’t get it


thats why I think they should update his streaming master page bcz his Spotify streams are not clear


I’m not sure on how these numbers compare to this site but according to chartsinfrance, these are the top selling female albums artists in USA. (Special thanks to Choley from UKMix) • Barbra Streisand – 95 million • Mariah Carey – 72.65 million • Madonna – 72.3 million • Celine Dion – 62.3 million • Whitney Houston – 60.3 million • Reba Mcentire – 55.2 million • Linda Ronstadt – 45.5 million • Shania Twain – 45.5 million • Janet Jackson – 43.5 million • Britney Spears – 40.7 million • Taylor Swift – 38 million • Dixie Chicks –… Read more »


Hi! U can update Madonna´s figure? Thank u!


Where’s cheek to cheek on the bestseller list in pure sales of 2014? Sold +1.3 million copies worldwide!


the cutoff is 2m


This is the best time to update Mariah Carey’s figures. Hoping you give her time and thank you in advance!! I can’t waitttt!!! Happy New Year <3


Earlier on the week David Bowie sold catalogue rights to Warner company. He did not own his master recordings . Surpise. Bowie got 250$ million +. Artist has three types rights for sale. The publishing rights and master recordings + artists rights. Maybe by the end of week the Sting will complete its own business. Startin price, 250 $ million. Sting own his publishing rights and the master recordings. He sales not all. Annually he get 12-13 $ dollars. I quess that Sting worth is lot more. 300-400 dollar i believe. Usually artist want to keep the master tapes. Prince… Read more »

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