Best selling artists, albums and singles of all-time

Table of Contents

Page 3: List of artists studied (& links)

Tracks Ranking:
Page 4: Raw sales – Physical singles
Page 5: Raw sales – Digital singles
Page 6: CSPC – #1 per year
Page 7: CSPC – Overall sales

Albums Ranking:
Page 8: Raw sales – Studio albums
Page 9: Streaming (EAS) – Catalog (before 2000)
Page 10: CSPC – #1 per year
Page 11: CSPC – Overall sales

Artists Ranking:
Page 12: Physical singles sales
Page 13: Digital singles sales
Page 14: Streaming
Page 15: Singles (all formats)
Page 16: CSPC – #1 per decade
Page 17: Raw sales – All albums
Page 18: CSPC – Overall sales
Page 19: ASR – Per type
Page 20: ASR – Overall ranking

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In Page 5, in Digital Singles Sales

The likes of Maroon 5 and Eminem numbers are increasing while Lady Gaga and Adele are still the same. Taking note that they which are supposed to be top 2 in the first place. The update supposed to be all of such lists.
Can the admins answer this question?


Adele and Lady Gaga are both increasing. A few years back Adele was at 80 million, Gaga was at 60 million. Now Adele at 102 and Gaga 77. Eminem and Maroon 5 just have better streaming figures.


Why is Adele’s 30 not among the albums with the most pure sales? if they have even given it a Guinness World Record for selling 5M of pure units in 2021


Actualicen a billie

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