The truth about Britney Spears’ album sales in Asia


Yesterday, you learned Baby One More time sold over 1 million units in Latin America while Britney Spears moved over 4 million albums in total to date in this region. The subject of today is Asiansales figures of the American pop icon.

The methodology and sources will remain the same, which means albums covered include all packages from Britney‘s debut to The Singles Collection. Countries studied in this article include Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines among others.

How much has Britney sold in all these countries? Place your bets!

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Great job! I had my doubts that she was *that* big in Asia, but her sales are truly huge.


MJD, how do you explain In the Zone selling only 5000 copies in India? Especially after “Britney” sold 35k and the biggest single from that album was a Bollywood inspired track.


Just checked out the link. So the conclusion is that In the Zone is Platinum in India but the album’s “India” mention got mistakenly placed in MP’s list of Platinum awards. Right?


Well it would make the jump from 5000 to 25,000 (GH:MP) a lot less odd. 😉


Japan figures are rather weak to be honest. She never sold much in Japan


thank you!


How does Britney compare to her peers in Asia? Is she bigger than them? I love these topics, excited to see Europe 😀


Wow very good job, Britney fans appreciate and enjoy these posts very much 🙂

Bon Appetit

This is wonderful! Thank you for posting!!

Marcus André

Great post! I have no idea that Philippines was a good market for international acts. I read that the mexican singer Thalía, made a great success there, and sold 1 million copies of her album Nandito Ako. I really doubt about this number, but now I think that maybe it can be possible… Do you know something about that?!

Marcus André

Thank You! S2


Happy to see “Britney” increasing to 525k in Japan, becoming her best selling studio album there.
All of her figures look great, especially Thailand and Philippines, I was shocked by the 300k figures.

But I really hate the sales drops from Britney to In the Zone, considering it’s the much much better album. 🙁


Thank you so much for doing this, MJD! There are some VERY impressive figures here, her sales in Indonesia and the Philippines are the most impressive to me, with her debut album topping the 300k mark in both countries. Those are truly massive numbers for Southeast Asia! I could be wrong, but I don’t think even Mariah Carey pulled such numbers there. And to put things into perspective, none of Britney’s albums topped the 300k mark in Italy, a much bigger music market for both local and international acts. Regarding Japan, it’s a shame that “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative” never… Read more »


Also would really appreciate if you could include Denmark in Europe as it seems to be a much bigger market for her than Finland. Thank you so much for everything again! 🙂

By the way, I just checked some IFPI archives and only 12.1 million albums (CD+cassette) were sold in the Philippines in 1999, thus making the 330k figure even more impressive. I always thought the Philippines was a bigger market than Taiwan, Thailand, etc for some reason!


Actually “Britney” produces many hit singles in Asia. Probably stronger than her first two albums. Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman was very2 big. Because we Asians just love Ballads songs. Overprotected was very2 big here too. Probably one of Britney most famous single in my country Malaysia and one of the strongest in Asia as a whole.

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