Understanding: Music Clubs #2 – The Eagles, Mariah Carey


Album – Certification – Date – Soundscan – Unsold units – Gap
Daydream – 6xP – 01/02/1996 –  3,900,000 – 1,800,000 – 300,000
Daydream – 9xP – 03/04/1997 –  6,900,000 – 100,000 – 2,000,000

Daydream – 10xP – 12/18/1998 –  7,450,000 – Irrelevant – 2,550,000

Just like Music Box, Daydream moved outstanding numbers at Clubs end. A huge #1 smash during 1995 Christmas season, it shipped 6 million units in spite of 3,9 million Soundscan sales for the year, with strong expectations for it to quickly reach that target. This album is the perfect illustration that Club sales happened when an album was also hot on retailers, mostly from the third month to the third year.

During its first 18 months, Daydream sold undoubtedly faster than Music Box. Nevertheless, it faces worst the test of time and only added about 200,000 units all included since the last award.

Please notice the album gained 1,1 million sales from March 1997 to December 1998 with a 50:50 split between Soundscan and Clubs. Although this one was fresher, this proves Music Box did sell some copies on Clubs between its November 1997 certification and the collapse due to #1’s release one year later, some 150,000 units if the ratio to Daydream is the same.

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I noticed that – against the analysis that you give in this article – that both Mariah’s “Merry Christmas” and “Rainbow” actually were available through the Columbia House music club. They even had regular catalog numbers: Mariah Carey – Merry Christmas (Columbia) – 112789 Available as of 1995: https://www.newspapers.com/newspage/82467713/ As of 2001: https://archive.org/details/universityofmemp2001unse –> page 142 Mariah Carey – Rainbow (Columbia) 324608 Available as of October 2000: https://newspaperarchive.com/madison-wisconsin-state-journal-oct-22-2000-p-857/ As of 2001: https://archive.org/details/universityofmemp2001unse –> page 137 “Rainbow” is even presented with a picture, which sets it apart from less popular albums. How does that go together with your claim that both… Read more »


hello i dont really understand whats the unsold units?


Hey MJD, can you post a breakdown for Ariana Grande sales, please?

P.S.: I loved the new site <3


Hi dear MJD !!!

congratulations for the beautiful articles for Music Clubs 1 and 2. This weekend do you will realize CSPC analysis of some singer or groups ?
I hope you realize CSPC analysis of The Beatles !!!


Sting is about to release a new album, let’s hope he – along with his band, The Police – are among those who will be treated next!


Fantastic job, as usual. I would like to see how high “Merry Christmas” can get if Sony requests an audit for it + streaming inclusion… it could easily get 7 platinum.

I also wonder if Eagles’ “Greatest hits” can keep up the competition with “Thriller”… it seems unlikely now that streaming is a factor.


I have one further remark: I totally agree with you on all your estimations, but i find Rainbow’s shipment of 3,5 million a tad bit too low. Isn’t it reasonable to estimate 3,6-3,7 million considering the inaccuracy of SoundScan and further shipments?

I would be very grateful if you’d have a word on this remark!

Thanks in advance!


Thank you! I guess the 4,…. numbers were a typo! Of course we’re talking about the 3,…. -range 😉


This is so well explained. Must have taken a lot of time too. Seriously, thank you!


Thank you so much MJ! You really invested a lot of your time for Mariah and cleared up all the stupid discussion concerning her “fake diamond albums”!

I hope to see her overall CSPC article very soon! It’s about time 😉