Understanding: Music Clubs #2 – The Eagles, Mariah Carey


Album – Certification – Date – Soundscan – Unsold units – Gap
Butterfly – 3xP – 01/08/1998 –  2,100,000 – 800,000 – 100,000
Butterfly – 5xP – 12/15/1999 –  3,550,000 – Irrelevant – 1,450,000

Butterfly is one more album with an impressive showing at Clubs. It must be said that Christmas period releases often benefitted greatly from them. In fact, the timing was near perfect as after the first few months destroying charts and sales during the Christmas hype albums tend to drop fast. This is the perfect moment to activate them on Clubs and use lower prices to sell large quantities of albums with popular singles during the softer months of the market. Selling 3.4 million units as per Soundscan by the end of 1998, the album climbed to 3.8 million up to date, proving itself to be one of the best catalog seller of the artist.

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