France Album Sales: Michael Jackson

Saying Michael Jackson sold bucket loads everywhere will surprise nobody. Along with the Beatles he is quite likely the only such act with no weak market even in relative terms. Despite this universal acclaim, France still is just even bigger for Indiana born artist.

I often pointed out how much English-countries oriented sales were in the past. It was even more true for black artists and Michael Jackson was no exception until 1982 record breaking Thriller. This one of a kind album changed the map completely, shooting its singer to unseen heights for the rest of his career.

Out of all English-singing artists studied so far, the top sellers in France are Bob Marley (10,9 million), Madonna (10,8 million), U2 (9,7 million) and AC/DC (8,6 million). If you wonder about Celine Dion, the Canadian legend sold an outstanding 18,5 million overall in France, but out of them 12,3 million come from French language albums. Although his success has been amazing, Michael Jackson released a mere six albums only as an adult. Thus, can he challenge such totals with a catalog axed around so few records?

During the next pages we will be studying carefully all information with detailed results of his entire discography. Please be aware all Spotify figures refer to worldwide streaming as they only aim to display which albums still have strong catalog hits as of now. Let’s go!

6 thoughts on “France Album Sales: Michael Jackson”

  1. Hello MJD!
    Very impressive sales, but for Jackson nothing is impossible!
    I think that a CSPC analysis for him would be really interesting. I imagine that it will be a gigantic task but I can not wait to see how the figures will be.
    Can you say me what are the next artists you will study?

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