France Album Sales: Michael Jackson

Dangerous (1991) Era

After back-to-back million selling albums, Michael Jackson’s popularity in France was absolutely tremendous. Black Or White, the #1 lead single of 1991 album Dangerous was not going to slow him down.

This time initial shipments were even bigger at a previously unseen 560,000 units. As surprising as it may seem this huge splash was still not even enough to debut at the top due to heavy Patrick Bruel competition. Successes of subsequent singles Remember The Time (#5), In The Closet (#9), Who Is It (#8), Jam (#8), Heal The World (#2) and Give In To Me (#7) turned on the Dangerous machine as the album spent its first 70 weeks comfortably inside the Top 10, hitting #1 in three different sequences for 11 weeks overall.

At 900,000 units by April 1992, the set was up to a gigantic 1,7 million by late 1993.

With such an insane run and a huge new tour, Michael Jackson’s catalog was once again buoyant. Bad charted as high as #31 in October 1992 while Thriller was even bigger at #16. The latter also charted in June 1993, showing how consistently it was selling all throughout the Dangerous era. On its side, Motown Greatest Hits compilation was released and peaked at #6 inside the Compilation Chart in 1992. Although not charting, Off The Wall was selling well too by hitting 300,000 sales and a Platinum award for sales from 1986 to 1995.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Black Or White – 63,341,000
  2. Heal The World – 21,899,000
  3. Remember The Time – 21,631,000

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