France Album Sales: U2

The Joshua Tree (1987) Era

There is many things and at the same time very few things to say about The Joshua Tree. Many because it is one of the most memorable era of all-time. Very few because everyone already know how successful this album was.

Released in March 1987 after the disappointment of their previous record in France, The Joshua Tree was an instant smash thanks to the anthemic lead single, With Or Without You. A #10 hit, this song was an incredible support for the album which dominated the market for five consecutive monthly charts from March to July. As detailed in the article related to this album, it wasn’t selling at a pace as fast as what the historical chart run suggests due to market limitations, weak period and lack of competition. Still, after an incredible summer and a few more sales generated by following single I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For in the last part of the year, The Joshua Tree sold 640,000 units during 1987.

Although charts weren’t comprehensive enough to highlight it, the band new status boosted their catalog which started to do wonders from that point, especially Under A Blood Red Sky that sold incredibly well all along.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. With Or Without You – 101,405,000
  2. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For – 56,988,000
  3. Where The Streets Have No Name – 24,804,000

2 thoughts on “France Album Sales: U2”

    1. Hi Hernán!

      To be honest I wasn’t expecting such a massive total myself. The irony is that The Joshua Tree has been largely inflated for many years, assumed at 2 million when it appears to be on 1,2 million, but the rest of their discography is much stronger than everyone would have assume. The simple fact that Achtung Baby is only their fourth best seller in spite of over 900,000 copies sold is outstanding!

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