France Album Sales: U2

No Line On The Horizon (2009) Era

The positive point of a decreasing markets is that acts with large historical fan bases can crush the competition with ease. That’s exactly the case of No Line On The Horizon which chart-wise performed better than its two immediate predecessors despite arguably weaker singles.

Indeed all three singles Get On Your Boots (#6), Magnificent (#15) and I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight (#21) all performed well as per U2 standards in the Singles chart but this must be weighted by the fact more and more singles weren’t released anymore in physical format by that time so on a physical chart only as it was the case an older act with fans purchases was largely favorited. The real hit of the album was the second song, Magnificent. While No Line On The Horizon album was one more 1-week #1 debut for U2, 1-2 months Top 10 record slowly down at a low pace, the trajectory of this record differed from the previous four by coming back inside the Top 10 later on. Airplay of Magnificent as well as three 360° Tour gigs in France during the month of July shot the album up to #5 by its 21th week.

Never dropping outside the Top 100 during the entire year of 2009, the record was the #7 seller of the year at 287,000 units, including 16,000 downloads.

In November 2009, a 2CD box The Best Of 1980-2000 containing both previous decade axed packages was released, selling over 45,000 units by the end of the year.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Magnificent – 11,925,000
  2. No Line On The Horizon – 5,664,000
  3. Moment Of Surrender – 5,408,000

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