France Album Sales: U2

October (1981) Era

Aiming to step up after a promising low profile debut, U2 came back in October 1981, just after the end of Boy promotion, with their sophomore effort titled October.

Although the set debuted at #11 in UK thanks to the growing fan base and #35 lead single Fire, their first charting hit, the album failed to increase the group profile, pretty much reproducing results of its predecessor. Thus, in France this album failed to chart just like Boy. Both albums sold an estimated 20,000 units before the release of their third set.

As we will be seeing later on this study, this pair of albums remained true twin albums, always selling pretty much the same year after year.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Gloria – 982,000
  2. October – 838,000
  3. I Fall Down – 305,000

2 thoughts on “France Album Sales: U2”

    1. Hi Hernán!

      To be honest I wasn’t expecting such a massive total myself. The irony is that The Joshua Tree has been largely inflated for many years, assumed at 2 million when it appears to be on 1,2 million, but the rest of their discography is much stronger than everyone would have assume. The simple fact that Achtung Baby is only their fourth best seller in spite of over 900,000 copies sold is outstanding!

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