IFPI 2015 Year End Report Analysis

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Hi guys!

Today the IFPI had the good idea to publish their yearly music industry report. It refers to 2015 year from January to December.

When I first started this blog several months ago I dropped a run of three Music Industry, An Infinite Journey articles, the last one focusing on The Future. On this latter article, I mentioned an upcoming boom of the industry thanks to streaming mass arrival. Is this way being opened properly? Let’s see how it goes!

One thought on “IFPI 2015 Year End Report Analysis”

  1. So, after a decade of transition, the music industry is getting back to where it was (in terms of total revenue) by 2005. But I remember you projected that within about 10 years, the record breaking figure from 1999 would be beaten. We will have to wait and see, but sounds extremely possible, especially considering that, apart from the traditional biggest markets, much of Asia and Latin America are starting to be fairly represented in relation to their population. Many good news.

    Of all the English speaking acts, Michael Jackson will probably be the most benefited by the irruption of Asia/Latin America in such a way.

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