Streaming Masters – Zara Larsson

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She was only 10 when she won Talang, a show from the “Got Talent” franchise. Four year later, she was signed by a label and it took her only two years to become a global star when she was featured on a track by David Guetta, interpreting the official theme of the UEFA Euro 2016. Who is it? Obviously, Zara Larsson! Click here and gauge the success of the Swedish star on streaming platforms!
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How your fave artist will adjust to streaming

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Living species always need to adapt to their context in order to survive. For businesses, the situation is no different. As streaming is fully changing the music industry, its actors, both the labels as well as the artists need to update their way of building their careers in order to stay relevant. Which adjustments do they need to do? Can all artists react positively or are some of them poised to fallinto obscurity?

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Understanding: Worldwide Estimations Information


Yesterday in the Frozen study I referred to Black Friday as the opening of the Holiday season. On the other side of the mirror it is also the final curtain call of the release schedule fever after three months full of major artists releasing new albums.

That busy season started like every year in late August with simultaneous releases from Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Britney Spears and View More