YouTube Most Streamed Artists of 2021

YouTube 2021 most streamed artists cover

Drake, Adele, Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, BTS, Olivia Rodrigo… these have been some of the biggest artists of the year, but who are YouTube most streamed artists of 2021?

While YouTube doesn’t bring in as much money to the music industry as say Spotify or Apple Music, is it a major player nonetheless, and especially in certain markets.

A very diverse platform, artists from all around the world feature among the most streamed stars of the year 2021. Today, we will review them.

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Streaming Masters – Sfera Ebbasta

Italian Sfera Ebbasta is no stranger in his home country. When it comes to rappers that popularised trap in Italy a few years ago, he is among the biggest names.

His 2018 album Rockstar broke all kinds of streaming records when it came out. How many units do you think it has accumulated after two years?

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