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jao during BigML's workshop at the IIIA-CSIC  (by Joan Carles Ambrojo)

Edit 11/03/2018: Thanks for all players of the game! We congratulate Calvin who wins it with 1,637 points. His choice for the next CSPC article is Björk who’s going to be studied as soon as the current artist is completed, Paul McCartney.

Wanna decide entirely on your own an artist to be treated by our Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept? You can pick anyone who hasn’t been covered so far. For that, you will have to win this prediction game though!

How to play

It’s easy. We selected various relevant albums that are expected to be issued from 9/14/2018 to 10/19/2018. All you have to do is predict their SPS units for the first week in the US. Then, a list of 12 artists who have yet to announce is displayed, you have to say if yes or no they will drop an album before the end of October.

Below file enables you to easily fill your predictions. Once completed, send it to our contact email adress. If for some reason you fail to download the file or to send it, you can read albums to estimate on screenshot below and post your predictions inside the comments section. Please make sure to write down only predictions, without the title of the related album, with one prediction per line using the correct order that we can copy / paste into our macros to get your score.

The file to be downloaded and sent back:

PredictionsGame: File to download


Scoring system

You start with 100 points per estimate. For each percent off, you lose a point. Example: you estimate an album to sell 130,000 SPS units, it does 100,000. You are 30% off from the real figure, you get 70 points.

As for artists to release or not new albums, you get 50 points for every correct No and 100 points for every correct Yes.

If you provide your file too late to estimate the first two weeks of releases, there is no issue. Your average score per album will be applied to the ones you missed. Releases from 9/28/2018 onwards will imply 0 point if you miss to estimate them though.


A first temporary ranking will be posted after the initial 3 weeks of releases, then the final ranking will be posted on November 1st. The winner will be able to select who’s going to be treated on the following CSPC article. If there is more than 50 players, each of the best 3 players will be asked to chose one artist of their own. Oh, I forgot to say that several members of our team will participate. We will use comments for transparency reasons. Will you beat us all? There is only one way to know!

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