Music quiz: how much of a chart freak are you?

Music quiz Chartmasters

It’s saturday. If you are a bit lucky, it’s also summer time at your place. While you are enjoying the sun and streaming Señorita, we serve you something to have fun while learning!

This ChartMasters-made music quiz will test your charts & sales knowledge in just 2 minutes. Tell us your score in comments and how much you like it so that we build more complexe tests for you!

We embedded you the game below, if you have a Sporcle account and want your participation to the quiz to be tracked on your results’ history, you can also play it directly from their website at this link.


Music quiz – ChartMasters challenge Level 1

If you got a very bad score, make sure to check our all-time lists so you do better next time!

Oh, if you wonder, I got 12 out of 12. Some say I may have been helped by the fact I wrote the questions.

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