France best selling albums ever:
Soul by Seal (2008)

Soul by Seal

Despite achieving a string of successful eras from 2002 to 2004, improving from very average success during the 90s, no one guessed the groundbreaking smash of Seal 2008 release titled Soul.

Thanks to strong support from powerhouse TV channel TF1, which remains a gigantic force in France medias panorama,  coupled with the nostalgia power of famous classic songs covers in this country, Soul sales skyrocketed at over 100,000 copies a week during the complete month of December 2008. The train continued its way in early 2009 managing a second year of very solid sales.

Yearly French retail sales stand as below:

A grand total of 1,061,000 copies sold.

Net shipment as of the end of 2015 is estimated at 1,080,000 copies.

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