France best selling albums ever:
Génération Goldman by Various Artists (2012)

Nostalgia has always been a trademark of France music industry: Older you get, better you sell, and more rewarded is your discography. Among those acts deeply loved by French public is Jean-Jacques Goldman, once nicknamed the French Michael Jackson. From mid-80 until 2001, every album he released sold over 1 million copies. He broke his solo career in early 90s despite an incredible fame at the time, getting into a trio with Carole Fredericks and Michael Jones, both nowhere near as popular as him, and still sold over a million of both albums released with them.

When he was still too tired to release a new solo album, he wrote music for others, including Celine Dion two main French albums D’Eux and S’Il Suffisait d’Aimer. Patricia Kaas, Yannick Noah, Florent Pagny, Gérald De Palmas, Isabelle Boulay and Patrick Bruel all managed million selling albums thanks to Jean-Jacques Goldman master input. In total, when releasing 2 million selling albums already put you on an elite club in France, Jean-Jacques Goldman has been responsible for the ridiculous total of 19 million sellers within 18 years.

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