France Album Sales: Whitney Houston

I’m Your Baby Tonight (1990) Era

Often regarded as a big flop, I’m Your Baby Tonight was definitely not as big as the first two albums worldwide but still sold pretty huge amounts. Ironically, while France has been one of her worst markets so far, this album was going to sell more than her first two records here.

Whitney Houston was still not that big of a name as this album debuted at an awful #27 position. The upcoming Holiday season wasn’t really a gift as only household names really enjoy it sales wise in France. Lead single, the title song of the album, peaked at a very solid #4 during 1990 Christmas week yet, rocketing the album much higher than expected. Rather than dropping due to the competition, the set went to #9 during Christmas bi-weekly chart, building a calculated tally of 147,000 sales for the year.

#28 peaking song All The Man That I Need helped the album to remain stead on charts, just like other singles although they failed to chart by themselves. In fact, during 1991 the album added 42 charted weeks inside the Top 50 and 224,000 sales, going Platinum in-between and closing following year on an estimated 400,000 units.

In the meantime, both first albums continued to sell off the radar, respectively on estimated 170,000 units for Whitney Houston and 320,000 for Whitney.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. All The Man That I Need – 2,357,000
  2. I’m Your Baby Tonight – 1,964,000
  3. My Name Is Not Susan – 825,000

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