France Album Sales: Jean-Jacques Goldman

Positif (1984) Era

Christmas season sales are a key to significant sales in most markets. That’s even more true in France still. Sales increase so much in that country during the holiday season that an year-long hard work may seem sometimes useless.

Positif is a good example of that. Issued in January, the album needed to gain traction to accumulate months of success in order to reach notable sales. All singles Envole Moi, Encore Un Matin and Long Is The Road all went Top 10 on unofficial then official – introduced that year – charts just like every previous hit the artist released.

There was no such thing as huge fan base or pre-orders at the time so the LP debuted at #7 only despite high anticipation. It charted #10 in February chart and #11 in March before dropping lower on charts. By remaining a decent seller all year long, Positif ultimately reached Platinum for 400,000 units shipped by the end of 1984. In January 1985, the album topped its peak by reaching #3. Just like its predecessor, this LP closed its run by crossing the half a million barrier.

With no compilation or live album available, earlier albums obviously benefited from this success to get notable catalog sales. By 1985, the debut set Démodé reached Gold status representing 100,000 sales. It was just a start though.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on YouTube Music Insights
  1. Envole-Moi – 6,503,000
  2. Encore Un Matin – 3,215,000

No other track from the album among the artist Top 20.

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