France Album Sales: Jean-Jacques Goldman

Chansons Pour Les Pieds (2001) Era

After 20 years in the business and 7 consecutive million selling albums, many expected Jean-Jacques Goldman to start experiencing a popularity drop when Chansons Pour Les Pieds was released in November 2001.

By topping charts for only three weeks, it may appear as some kind of step forward considering the previous five studio albums all led charts for 7 to 18 weeks. The 2001 fall was a very special context though. That year market the arrival of reality TV shows which were immensely popular. That series brought two albums, L5 eponymous debut and Star Academy first album, both surrounded by an insane mania. Those two records respectively sent Chansons Pour Les Pieds to #2 and #3 as no other standard album matched it before its 9th week.

Indeed, far from the step back, this album concluded 2001 as the #2 best selling album of the year after a mere six weeks, moving 900,000 copies in that time span. Awarded Diamond in early February, it took the album less than 3 months to do so. The song Tournent Les Violons, although never being released as a CD single, became one of the artist biggest hit.

Facing a huge competition and selling so much within’ its first week, Chansons Pour Les Pieds was still able to stick inside the Top 10 during its first 30 weeks, an unbelievable achievement so deep into the singer career. Its week count inside the extended Top 150 Chart stopped on a huge 93 by the end of its run.

As incredible as it seems, the record climbed to 1,57 million units by the end of 2003, coming very close to his two 80s blockbusters despite starting with a 15 years handicap. That way the accompanying live album was issued, Un Tour Ensemble topped charts for 3 weeks and sold 350,000 units for the year.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on YouTube Music Insights
  1. Tournent Les Violonts – 7,700,000

No other track from the album among the artist Top 20.

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