France Album Sales: Eminem

Recovery (2010) Era

A mere one year after the failure of Relapse, Eminem was back with Recovery in June 2010. This time, leading single was a true hit as Rihanna featured Love The Way You Lie peaked at #3.

In Madonna career spanning article I mentioned the negative point of duets that often reveal themselves as weak album supports. That’s exactly what happened with this song. In the US, Recovery was a major success because Not Afraid was just as big as Love The Way You Lie which made both singles related to Eminem in general public mind, especially considering album sales wise the rapper has always been way bigger than Rihanna in the US.

This situation is not as true in France as Rihanna always performed fairly well, not mentioning that by 2010 she was much hotter than Eminem in France. Add to that the fact Not Afraid was a decent success but not so good here, the result is that nobody among the general public noticed Eminem had a new album out, Love The Way You Lie was regarded as one more Rihanna related smash.

Thus, Recovery debuted at #2 and while it did last 14 weeks inside the Top 20, it did so during the weak summer months and with only two weeks inside the Top 5, its first two. After this three months period, the set dropped fast, concluding the year on 105,000 sales. This figure is better than Relapse figure but nowhere near the size of success it managed in North America.

In 2010-2011, two new minor mixtapes sold a few thousand copies, Before The Relapse and I’m Still #1 Mixtape.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Love The Way You Lie feat. Rihanna– 202,448,000
  2. Not Afraid – 140,089,000
  3. No Love feat. Lil Wayne – 60,941,000

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