France Album Sales: AC/DC

Live (1992) Era

Positively using their comeback, AC/DC released Live album in 1992. With a track list owning Hells Bells, Highway To Hell, ThunderstruckShoot To Thrill, Back In BlackYou Shook Me All Night Long, Moneytalks, T.N.T. and more, a record can only sell bucketloads. Add to that the legendary energy of AC/DC live shows, the album Live ended up being regarded as a fully valid greatest hits package.

On one side, it downgraded a lot catalog sales of Who Made Who, which weren’t that much of a big deal anyway. In the other side, this release created a monster of catalog sales. A #3 album in 1992, the album peaked at #11 in 1993, #17 in 1995, #40 in 2001 and #29 in 2003, not even mentioning the never ending re-entries lower down the charts. Selling a calculated 366,000 units up to the end of 1993, the album was just getting started.

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