The truth about Britney Spears’ album sales in Europe


I have voluntarily avoided the Official Award column for the case of Ireland. Their music industry organization, IRMA, does publish them, but only for releases from the current year which means those certifications are outrageously outdated. The data from this table is way more up to date, so its better to avoid the confusing information from the IRMA.

Sadly, Irish criteria for certifications never changed which limits the information. We are down to the methods used in Parts 1 and 2 of those series, using the artist’s popularity curve to assume which albums were closer to the top / low range of their respective intervals. A clear example is In The Zone which can only be close to 2xP status considering all her three prior released albums are are 3xP or more.

Merging all the data together concludes on the following total album sales to date:

  • Baby One More Time – 60,000
  • Oops!… I did It Again – 65,000
  • Britney – 45,000
  • In The Zone – 30,000
  • Greatest Hits, My Prerogative – 100,000
  • Blackout – 30,000
  • Circus – 35,000
  • The Singles Collection – 15,000
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