How to get Spotify numbers in one click

Spotify streaming numbers tool

Hi everyone! You have been looking for a tool which gives you Spotify streams of your favorite artists in one click for a very long time. The wait is over.

We developed it for you. No more words are needed, just try it and enjoy!

Please note that the link has been added to the menu’s “Useful Links” section.

If you have some questions still, make sure to read the FAQ at the top of the page! We also put it here so that you can’t miss it.

1) Is it possible to fetch any artist?

Yes. We are directly hitting Spotify’s API. All artists available in their database can be fetched, including artists who are currently unavailable for streaming.

2) I typed in the name but no result is found, why?

Since many artists use similar names or even special characters, the query by name can miss the artist you are looking for. In this case, we suggest to use the search by ID that works for every artist.

3) Where can I find the ID of an artist?

From Google you can search an artist name plus “Spotify”. The first result will always be the artist page on Spotify. There, all 22 characters after “artist/” inside the URL reflects the artist id.
Here the example of Adele, with her id being 4dpARuHxo51G3z768sgnrY.

4) Are data updated?

Yes, all streaming data are up to date. As they are retrieved from Spotify’s database itself, they are automatically refreshed every day.

5) I selected albums, singles and compilations but some are missing, why?

Spotify API limits queries to 50 results. Artists with heavy discographies and/or albums with many versions may have more records listed under these three sections. If that happens, we suggest you to search the artist one format at a time.

6) I noticed that one song is missing, why?

Spotify has many versions of each song and album, way more than often displayed in frontend. They often have slight alterations on their name.
In order to avoid flooding you with a lot of duplicated data and displaying messy totals, we took the decision to deduplicate lines based on the number of streams. If two distinct songs happen to have the exact same number of streams at some point, for that day the oldest song only will be displayed.

7) Why are tracklists of singles/compilations incomplete?

As we deduplicate songs to prevent us from double counting, tracks which appear in several sections (album, single, compilation) will appear only in the first one, which may lead to incomplete tracklists for compilations or singles.

8) Can I search for songs which are only available under the “Appears on” section?

Sadly, the answer at the moment is no. We have a solution to retrieve this data, but it requires an exponential number of requests to the Spotify API. This would greatly slow down this tool. For this reason, this option has been removed so far.

9) What does EAS stand for?

EAS stands for Equivalent Album Sales. As streaming is rapidly replacing paid-for sales, the industry standard is to convert these numbers into equivalent album sales. To understand how we convert streams in EAS at Chartmasters, please follow this link.

10) What is the conversion formula for EAS?

The conversion formula is Spotify streams * (310/207) / 1500.
The 310/207 ratio extrapolates Spotify streams into market-comprehensive numbers for occidental markets, simulating results on platforms like Apple Music, Amazon Music and Deezer.
The 1,500 division factor reflects the industry-accepted ratio between 1 album sale and 1,500 streams.
You can read more about format conversions with explanations on our Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept.

11) Is the EAS conversion formula valid for every artist?

As any automatic program, this formula misses manual adjustments. In Sweden for example, Spotify accounts for over 90% of the market, so local albums are inflated by the 310/207 calculation.
Opposite to Sweden, Spotify’s market share in terms of gross revenue is only 25.2% in France, so the average formula will typically downgrade French language releases.
All in all, the formula is relevant primarily to international singers.

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Hi MJD could you clarify Madonna’s Spotify number? For example with Hung Up, the song has many versions: – Original version on album “Confessions on a dance floor”: 103.285 M – Another version on her greatest hits album “Celebration”: 103.175 M – These 2 numbers should be counted seperate right? And actual Spotify number for Hung Up would be 103.285 + 103.175 = 206.360M – is that correct, MJD? Same with Like a Prayer, that song has at least 3 versions: – Version 1 on album LAP: 40M – Version 2 on 1st compilation The Immacukate Collection: 4M – Version… Read more »


This issue seems to happen with every track of Madonna La Isla Bonita has 3 versions charting – Album version: 97.1 M – Version on Celebration: 97.2 M – Version on The Immaculate Collection: 3M – Total: 97.1 + 97.2 + 3 = 197.3 M Edit – Like a Prayer actually has 4 versions fighting for streams – Version 1 on album LAP: 40M – Version 2 on 1st compilation The Immacukate Collection: 4M – Version 3 on Celebration (Bonus Track version): 123.5M – Version 4 on Celebration (Belgium): 123.4M – Final total at 290M actually Please let me know… Read more »


sorry for spamming, but your tool is calculating Madonna’s total Spotify figure at 4.2 billion!

in one of your old articles (list of most streamed artist) Madonna’s total was estimated at 2.4 billion only.

very curious to know what would be the correct method and figure for Madonna’s case

Tom Riise

Madonna¨s total is 2,536,163,187 billion,sometimes you have to try a couple of times
to get it right.


Please also note that these 2 Celebration albums have different IDs I think:

1 Version (gold cover) – ID is 3cc9LPeZ2WB7qtMuGbkwbG
The other version (black and white cover) – ID is 4kjimnl1CewIvZYYzh3leu

For the same song Hung Up appearing on both versions of Celebration:
– The one on gold cover album has ID 5pVUnPf7nEMbfBEype8XY8
– The one on black & white cover album has ID 5pATTxf0b1HIbUbdGXmC6t


Would like to ask how accurate this is? Cause I was searching a particular artist yesterday and it showed 700,000,000+ streams but when I did again today it showed 400,000,00+ streams only.

Is there something wrong with the tool?


such an useful tool. Thanks. but it is not 100% accurate. For example, Lady Marmalade is not counted for Xtina and there is only one song from Burlesque OST being counted, which is so weird.


I agree, very useful tool, but there are glaring problems. For example, the whole re-mix of the Beatles White Album 2018 is missing. Actually, the regular White Album 2018 is missing which is what is mostly streamed, the re-mix extras are there and counted (demos, etc). But the actual album whose songs overlap in title with the 2009 re-issue is missing. So when there’s an overlap in a song title, the 2009 song is listed not the 2018 – problem is the 2009 songs are no longer streamed as Spotify is promoting the 2018 versions. This is a problem ONLY… Read more »


All of this is explained if you read the article.


No, not really. Bottom line is, no matter what I do I cannot see the 2018 re-mix regular White Album songs. I see them in Spotify, but I cannot find them ever (no matter how I filter things) on the tool. This happens only for this particular release of this album, everything else, seems to be there. It’s a bug.


When will the Spotify Tool be working again?


Hello Friends! It’s me or the link doesn’t work?


it doesn’t work for me tho… it’s been two days


It doesn’t work for me either, and it’s been like that for 2 days.


Hey guys, there are some problems with the Spotify tool (meaning: it doesn’t upload the serach). I’m using it very often and I’m pretty sure I’ve not messed up the name of the artists, and I’ve also try with the Spotify IDs. Maybe is just a temporary issue.

I’m not complaining, I just wanted you to know.
Have a nice day. 🙂


Sorry MJD ,Spotify streaming numbers tool IS BROKEN!! # ALBUM SONG STREAMS EAS 1 thank u, next thank u, next 913,328,993 911,858 2 thank u, next thank u, next 912,450,287 910,981 3 thank u, next 7 rings 889,359,882 887,928 4 thank u, next 7 rings 888,124,184 886,694 5 Dangerous Woman Side To Side 866,591,705 865,196 6 Dangerous Woman Side To Side 866,255,552 864,861 7 Sweetener no tears left to cry 754,711,713 753,496 8 My Everything Bang Bang 720,546,902 719,387 9 My Everything Bang Bang 720,262,228 719,102 10 Dangerous Woman Into You 712,589,876 711,442 Some tracks were counted twice! TOTAL 26,168,070,284… Read more »


You’re right, but this problem goes away on its own. As far as I can tell, there’s a 1-2 hour window when the updates occur that both ‘today’ and ‘yesterday’ are listed and one by one the ‘yesterday’ ones go away. Basically it seems that they are displaying parts of the update program.


Do you have any link where I can see most streamed kpop songs of all times.
If yes , than please provide it. Thank you 💜