Extreme CSPC: Introducing the ASR, Artist Success Rating


Case Study of the concept: Adele

Let’s apply this concept to a real case. Below table provides EDS of all records of Adele. Please keep in mind she has registered so far 84,15 million EAS so this figure is calculated to define the Catalog Share of its content for all lines of the table.

When we mix together all products as if they were the same, Adele sold 223 million records. Thanks to the CSPC, we removed flaws related to formats and concluded that she sold 84,15 million EAS. Now, thanks to EDS we see that they sold 39,2 million times the cumulative worth of her catalog. It’s like saying that consumers purchased 39,2 million times her catalog through various combinations of 5,70 records or 2,15 equivalent albums on average.

These last ratios are fundamental: consumers effectively got the full value of Adele‘s discography every 2,15 EAS which isn’t surprising giving the small size of her catalog. The needed 5,70 purchases to do so because of cheap downloads and streams.

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84 million less for Bob Marley? If so, all bands or songwriters should sue record labels… 😀


What position do Elvis Presley and Aerosmith hold in the ASR rankings?

Anthony Blanchard

Garth Brooks seems too high considering how many know him outside the US


Garth Brooks higher than Guns, Springsteen and Metallica seems very difficult to me…


The Aerosmith in the ASR table on page 6 are missing, in what position are they ?

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