CSPC: Sales & Formulas Fixing Log – Updated Audio Streaming Numbers

Fix Me II

Being relevant is tough, remaining relevant is even tougher. It requires you to put into question your own work and your own input. Unofficial websites like Mediatraffic, as well as official ones including the British Official Charts Company, have been slowly but surely losing relevancy due to their struggle in admitting their past mistakes. At Chartmasters.org, our inflexible objective of highlighting accuracy results into this article that will be fixing every past figure as soon as new information proving a flaw is available.

How will we do that? For which case? Where can you find all the new fixing updates? Well, all those questions are going to be answered in this short article which will ultimately be the home for all updates.

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update streaming formula


MJ I don’t think the streaming change works. Because I think people stream more on Spotify than other services. Like for example Ariana has like 12B Spotify streams and only 3B AM streams. Likewise with Rihanna who has 14-15B Spotify streams and only 2B AM streams. Even rap artists like Cardi B have around 3x as many Spotify streams as AM. Isn’t there some way you can just estimate actual AM and other streaming info (based on news articles)instead of just multiplying Spotify? Also some users are more dominant on other services which wouldn’t be showcased. Like basically it feels… Read more »


That’s true. But these platforms are mainly dominated by local acts as well. The best performing acts in Korean streaming services tend to be kpop acts. Likewise with chinese acts or kpop groups with Chinese members in China and so on. Like once India started having more people on YouTube it became obvious that they tend to mainly listen to Indian music. But by multiplying Spotify we make it seem as though western artists that dominate Spotify would dominate those services in the same way. Which is simply not true. There might be some exceptions which I’m sure you will… Read more »


Grate job. Grate analysis


Hi guys!
I don’t remember when Spotify started to count streams, song by song


Hi Al!!
I know that your favourite artists are The Beatles, I would like to know if you will soon update them with You Tube updates and with these New streaming formula.


Hey MJ, any thoughts yet on adding QQ music, netease and other chinese sites?
It seems clear they’ve become incorporated into IFPI due to taylor’s big increase this year.


If you’re refering to Reputation’s sales, Chinese sites are not the reason for her increase. The reason is simply that the album got overshipped. Those numbers on QQ are not album sales to begin with neither.


Video streams from QQ are actually shown though, so in theory these numbers could be added. But I have no idea what ratio to put them on and it would all in all overcomplicate things I think.


Wait Taylor Swift was the only artist that overshipped in the 2017 IFPI list? How did they let her do that? Isn’t that an unfair practice considering it can artificially inflate their rankings and make other artists do. Yeah I was referring to QQ and netease, i think there are 3 others also that form the big 5 sites. But Taylor also sold alot of actual albums in China, which is what I was referring to, like she did 300k first week in china. There aren’t really video streams either on QQ at least, it’s a downloading site tbh. Albums… Read more »


MJD stated this about QQ a while ago:
“those are not sales. In fact, you can pay to download an album, but nobody does that on y.qq. This is a streaming service, on which you can pay an extra fee per month – $2.18 instead of $1.16 – to also download anything you want. Thus, those are not paid downloads, it is equivalent to Spotify users putting in local some songs”

The same goes for these other sites as well.

And yes, you can stream videos on QQ! Here are Swift’s videos and numbers for instance.


Hi MJD!!
I would like to know if new streaming formula will be applied to artists already studied such as Queen,Pink Floyd or AC/DC in wich there will be updates and if the result of their sales will change much as in the case of big streaming sellers for example Drake or Rihanna.
I hope that you answer me.


Hello MJD !!
I have a question for you ! I think that only official videos of a singer or VEVO videos should be counted, because many YouTube users delete their video clips(songs) from their favorite artists and then lose sales / views for some singers or groups.
I hope you will answer, I am curious about your opinion.


As much as I like to see some of my favourite artists’ totals increasing from this new update of digital downloads and ringtones weighting, I think this is more of an inflation. Don’t get me wrong, I truly respect MJD’s hard work and dedication for updating his formula and keeping his analysis as relevant as possible, but with this new formula, a lot of new acts or acts with huge download sales are gonna benefit a LOT with this (eg. Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Bruno Mars etc.) Their albums will have big increases and will match lots of… Read more »


What’s on page 9 and page 10 isn’t digital song sales though.

Page 9 is George Michael losing physical single sales. Just like Britney when she went from 96.9M to 95,8M, she lost around 4M physical single sales.

Page 10 is Coldplay losing album sales. Like raffi said, everyone is going to benefit from this, whether it’s a big increase (Rihanna) or a small increase (Janet).

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