CSPC: Sales & Formulas Fixing Log – Updated Audio Streaming Numbers

Fix Me II

Being relevant is tough, remaining relevant is even tougher. It requires you to put into question your own work and your own input. Unofficial websites like Mediatraffic, as well as official ones including the British Official Charts Company, have been slowly but surely losing relevancy due to their struggle in admitting their past mistakes. At Chartmasters.org, our inflexible objective of highlighting accuracy results into this article that will be fixing every past figure as soon as new information proving a flaw is available.

How will we do that? For which case? Where can you find all the new fixing updates? Well, all those questions are going to be answered in this short article which will ultimately be the home for all updates.

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Seems that everyone will lose sales after this update.


How though? With the ratio of albums to downloads+ringtones changing from 1:10 to 1,5:10, the same amount of downloads equal to higher album sales equivalents! Eg. 1 million downloads used to equal 100,000 albums, now it equals to 150,000. Just look at Britney Spears, who increased by 4 million album sales equivalents and closing in on the 100m mark thanks to this new formula. Nobody’s gonna lose sales. Quite frankly, everyone’s total gonna increase, whether it’s old acts or new acts.


Not sure how, but look at page 9 (George Michael), almost all of his sales have been lowered. Same on page 10.


George Michael lost sales 🙁


Hey MJ Dangerous
I was wondering if you’d consider a weighting system for features? It seems strange to me that the featured artist gets the same credit as the lead?


Thank you so much for answering :D. I see what you mean now. I don’t really think that album sales and single sales are that closely related though. Some artists just seen more prone to selling albums whilst other acts can sell singles well instead. Like for example many singers such as pitbull, Jason derulo, flo rida etc move quite a lot of singles and are established hitmakers but are just not album sellers. So features such as 2chainz on talk dirty who contribute very little to the song would still end up getting equivelant sales to Jason just because… Read more »


Thank you for this. I really appreciate it. I kinda get what you mean now. You really put a lot of thought into this haha. And you completely solved all of my problems with it XD But one last part though, Isn’t there a way for the songs itself not to be overvalued. Like when I said that if LTWYL generates a certain amount of album equivelants and single equivelants. It’ll be overvalued because 100% of it would go to Eminem and let’s say 50% (or whatever amount Rihanna actually contributed based on the ratio would go to her. And… Read more »


Hey MJ sorry for reposting. Just wanted to know your thoughts on this.


Hello MJD! Are Britney’s physical single sales going to be updated as well? I’m wondering because she’s sold considerably more digital singles!


Britney sold about 22 million of physical singles. How much do you think this number will drop? 15 million?


i’ve always wondered if the method to calculate how many titles each artist sold would also be helpful in clarifying numbers a bit. something like equivalent total tracks sold where each album would be for example equivalent to 12 tracks, each physical single on average equivalent to 2 tracks and each digital single would be equivalent to 1 track. but then it would be unfair for artists who release albums comprised of 16 titles instead of 12 and some release just 10 titles per album. so the equations would not be fixed for all artists. but it would give a… Read more »


when are doing Miley, Selena, Ariana and Demi?


He has already done Demi and Miley.


I love this page and your work!

But sometimes i think you hate Fred from Mediatraffic hahaha, but is TRUE! His page is very disappointing.

Please Michael Jackson and Mariah for next!

And one more… edit Madonna’s charts! Please, please, please!


I’m glad you’re doing this! Thank you for all your hard work!


Fantastic job on all the work u have done thus far. My question is will u update each artist when they release new downloads/ albums as well as add new artists to the ones already completed?


I really admire your great work! I can not find a better, more accurate place of data. I was wondering, though. Will you update Linkin Park’s sales once their new album, “One More Light ” gets released? I would love to see their updated numbers since they seem to be having a bit of a comeback on the charts.

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