CSPC: Sales & Formulas Fixing Log – Updated Audio Streaming Numbers

fake it until you make it

II) The Solution

A) Transparent Fixing Policy

In order to maintain accuracy, Chartmasters.org has been already fixing values thanks to newly available information or the welcome help of various of its users in the comments. Looking for clarity and transparency, we will now be logging in this present article each and every update that happens.

Concretely, we will be adding one new page to this article for each fix, this new page will include the old value, the new one, the date of the update and an explanation of the change’s root cause.

Please be aware this fixing log will be used to display fixed errors and not updates with new albums / singles released. Also, easy typo fixes that will happen within 48 hours after an article publication will not be tracked here to avoid flooding it with irrelevant updates.

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Hello, when you calculate the loss of album sales 2004-2006 in order to measure digital sales, shouldn’t the loss of physical single sales also be counted?


hello where do i get “Comprehensive Audio Stream”


Hi MJD, I have a question, The “Comprehensive Audio Stream” includes Spotify??

[…] The main source of data for each avenue is respectively Spotify and YouTube. As detailed in the Fixing Log article, Spotify represents 157 million of the 272 million users of streaming platforms, […]


Shouldn’t streams for older songs be worth more than streams for newer ones tho?
At this point Ed Sheeran will probably pass MJ with CSPC
Just like how tour grosses are adjusted for inflation?


Hello! Any news on Streaming formula (Equivalent Albums Sales (EAS) = 272/157* Spotify streams / 1500 + YouTube views / 11750)? Infos about size markets of Japan, China, Korea (and others out Spotify)?

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