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I) The case of the US

Album sales in the US are being posted in two distinct formats. The first are sales as we used to know them with download and physical sales at retail  of the album combined, this is often named ‘pure album sales’. The second figure posted by Billboard is the SPS, Sales Plus Streaming figure, which encapsulates pure album sales, 1/10 of download sales of all the album songs plus 1/1500 of streaming achieved by those same songs.

Old school chart freaks massively ranted against the second figure, arguing album sales and singles sales can’t be mixed. That’s fundamentally wrong as buyers always purchased songs only – depending on the era, what the available and more worth it format has been, or the album or the single, but in any case the average purchaser was looking for a song nevertheless. Thus, cherry-picking one popular single makes the buying of the full parent album completely useless. If the format is different, the function is the same, buying the song you like no matter if it is packaged with other songs or not, that are unknown anyway. Billboard.  thanks to their deep insight of the music industry. fully understood that logic which is why they came out with the SPS methodology.

Still, if some people like their habits it is their choice, so pure album sales keep being posted. Why not? but then, adding them to other figures lacks consistency…

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I read this article yhe fourth time, still very impressive for me.



I agree that Mediatraffic is not very precise but when you want to know more or less estimations of sales, it’s the only website where we can refer
But your article is very clear and I agree with you


Hello dear MJD !!!

I Just wanted to know if this week you will analyze CSPC analysis some singer or group or this week is the opening of the Holiday season ?


Hi Dear MJD !!!

congratulations again for the website and also for Understanding: Worldwide Estimations Information.
I would just like to know if this week you will analyze some group such as the Rolling Stones or singer such as David Bowie for example !!!


In Sweden the album certifications also include individual track downloads. Source: http://www.ifpi.se/wp-content/uploads/Guld-och-Platina-guide-ver2-20115.pdf Swedish text translated into English by using Google translator: “Rules for releases from January 1, 2010 Rules for certificate – Album For album titled Y, the following are included: 1. Sale of different versions of physical albums Y. 2. Download bundle corresponding first 3. For an artist albums: Download / streaming of tracks from the album under 2. crediting may take place regardless of whether they played / downloaded from the single, album or collection. Only Downloads / Streaming made no earlier than six months before the album’s… Read more »


Now double album in Poland is counted like one album. So double album will require 10,000 units shipped to be awarded a Gold plaque.




Very nice description and the photos are awesome. Thank you.


Thanks! Im take a look! 🙂

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