France Album Sales: Coldplay

Parachutes Era

#54 in Germany, #51 in the US, #31 in France. Although nowadays it looks like Coldplay have always been the ultimate stadium band, Parachutes was nowhere near a blockbuster when first released in 2000. Shiver single failed to chart, Yellow peaked at #96, Trouble went #60 and Don’t Panic failed to chart too. Thus, the #31 peak position of Parachutes album in France wasn’t even that bad.

The album opened at #67 on its July 2000 release week, while it was entering at #1 in UK and was still five months away from making the Top 200 in the US. In each August, September and November it added one week Top 75, completing the year with a mere four weeks on charts. The album started to take off in February 2001 only when Trouble was getting its first radio rotations. This led it to 31 consecutive weeks inside the Top 100, peaking at #31 in May.

Thanks to this era Coldplay had what is called a succès d’estime in France, a success still fairly limited at 170,000 copies sold but quite rewarding giving the initial expectations and the difficulty of the target.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Yellow – 129,570,000
  2. Trouble – 38,530,000
  3. Don’t Panic – 27,128,000

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currently, Best band in the world. (Since 2000)