France best selling albums ever:
Génération Goldman by Various Artists (2012)

Being the perfect anti-star who is also hardly concerned by working when it isn’t needed led the artist to stop releasing new material since 2001. New collaborative label My Major Company, ironically created by the artist own son, Michael Goldman, decided to use all those years of non-exploited Goldman attraction by recording his biggest hits by fresh new stars including Christophe Willem, Zaz, M Pokora, Shy’m or Tal.

This perfect combo turned into a hit instantly reaching newly lowered Diamond status of 500,000 after a mere 29 days.

Yearly French sales stand as below:

  • 2012: 510,000 (please note pre-2004 figures are raw data of IFOP panel sales, representing only 50/60% of sales depending on the product)
  • 2013: 292,000
  • 2014: 53,000
  • 2015: 45,000

A grand total of exactly 900,000 copies sold. A bit short of a million, one would say. But that would be without considering sales of 2 CD package displayed below, released with the second volume album issued after the smash success of the first album.

It is the first case we met of such package release, which are incredibly frequent in France. Almost every big album has been released as part of a 2 / 3 CD box of similar albums from the same artist. As mentioned on the Introduction of this serie, as long as the cover of standalone album is part of the box front cover, sales will be merged together, which appears to be the case here.

This package is nearing 80,000 copies up to now, bringing retail sales at 980,000, enough for estimated shipment hitting the magical milestone.

Net shipment as of the end of 2015 is estimated at just 1 million copies. This is the 20th Jean-Jacques Goldman related album over this mark.

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Goldman’s success in France is impressive but I don’t understand this : “Patricia Kaas, Yannick Noah, Florent Pagny, Gérald De Palmas, Isabelle Boulay and Patrick Bruel all managed million selling albums thanks to Jean-Jacques Goldman master input. In total, Jean-Jacques Goldman has been responsible for the ridiculous total of 19 million sellers within 18 years. ” Bruel and Boulay never worked with Goldman, as far as I know. He wrote one obscure song for Noah and he co-wrote a song for Pagny that was a minor hit. Clearly he had nothing to do with their million-selling albums, or am I… Read more »


“Ultimately, and with no disrespect to the inherent talent of all of them, I tend to see these 5 artists as some kind of a writing and production team led by JJG.” Allow me to strongly disagree here 😉 As far as I can tell, there’s no evidence that Robert Goldman or Erick Benzi didn’t write the songs they’re credited for on their own, so I don’t think JJG should receive any credit for them. As for De Palmas, my point was that lyrics are secondary, I guess there are exceptions like rap music for example, but in general I… Read more »

John Will

Great artist!Great article!Great songs!