CSPC: Sticky thread for Requests


Already 68 artists have been studied, but so many more remain. As we have been around for quite some time now, a lot of you who haven’t seen your favorite artists analyzed and are starting to become a little frustrated, which is something we can understand!

During the last couple of months we haven’t been creating polls either as the release schedule is already full of acts dropping new albums that we need to work on. Yeah, you guessed it right, I can spoil the next artist on the horizon – P!nk.

In order to give you the possibility to request an artist still, and to avoid those requests coming on articles regarding other acts, we decided to open this thread. Then, when there isn’t an interesting release for some weeks, we will study the artists most often requested right here. We can’t commit on dates, but we will continue to do our best.

Speaking about that, I have been personnaly slow during the last weeks. Without going too much into the details, I moved from France to the Democratic Republic of Congo last week so there has been a lot of administrative / management stuff to do, an internet connection to recover, and more. However, everything is properly settled, so the conclusion is that we should increase our pace of publication from now on!

Oh, even if I don’t want to sound too boring I need to point out a few more elements! First, no need to create multiple accounts, we can see the IPs 😉 Second, please stick to this place for requests! It’s annoying for fans of one specific artist to check the comments on an article to read something unrelated to it. Thirdly, yes, you can also request updates. Fourth, as this article will remain as a sticky, make sure to scroll down a bit to see the new ones.

Ok, I’m now working on P!nk while listening to David Bowie!

Status as of January 21, 2018 at 22:42 pm:

Jennifer Lopez: 42 votes
Kelly Clarkson: 38 votes
Barbra Streisand: 34 votes
Elvis Presley: 30 votes
Elton John: 25 votes
Lady Gaga: 23 votes
Justin Timberlake: 20 votes
Beyoncé: 18 votes
Ayumi Hamasaki: 18 votes
Little Mix: 17 votes
AC/DC: 16 votes
Nicki Minaj: 16 votes
Avril Lavigne: 15 votes
Paramore: 14 votes
Katy Perry: 11 votes

479 thoughts on “CSPC: Sticky thread for Requests”

  1. Great idea !
    I’ve been eager to read articles about Barbra Streisand and Tina Turner for a long time now, but I think they’re on their ways (at least, Barbra), aren’t they ? 🙂
    I think it’s a nearly impossible task to achieve but it would be very interesting to read more stuff about sales in the classical music field. I mean, some arias by Callas and Pavarrotti do wonders on Spotify, much more than some top 40 popstars! And their influence on music has been huge. That would be fantastic and would attract other people to this website. Same thing could be said about jazz music : Nina Simone’s doing fantastic on Spotify, much better than Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan who were much more popular in their heydays.

        1. Ariana not sold more than 20 million equivalent albums. I think 7.5 in streaming, 7 in mp3 dowlands and 5 in pure sales. I wanna see Julio Iglesias.

  2. This was a great idea!

    Personally I really want to see Deep Purple. I’m also hoping for local acts from markets like Japan, France, Germany, Brazil, South Korea, Italy etc to see how they compare to global stars, but also to see how different countries consume music in different ways.

    All in all I’m really thankful for your work on this site!

  3. I would like to see CSPC of these artists:
    1) Queen
    2) Elton John
    3) AC / DC
    4) Eagles
    5) Elvis Presley
    6) Aerosmith
    7) Phil Collins / Genesis
    8) Sting / The Police
    9) Dire Straits
    10) Stevie Wonder
    11) The Who
    12) Deep Purple
    13) Ozzy Osbourne / Black Sabbath
    14) Iron Maiden
    15) Paul McCartney / Wings
    16) Van Halen

  4. Rod Stewart
    Duran Duran
    King Crimson
    Neil Young
    ZZ Top
    Jethro Tull
    Talking Heads
    Pet Shop Boys
    Dire Straits


  5. Rod Stewart/Faces/Jeff Beck <—————–
    Elton John <—————–THESE 4
    Queen <—————– THE MOST
    Phil Collins/Genesis <—————–
    Eagles/Don Henley
    Garth Brooks
    Elvis Presley
    Diana Ross/Supremes
    Paul McCartney/Wings
    John Lennon

  6. Great idea! Please do Avril Lavigne and Jennifer Lopez along with P!nk so we can complete the biggest females of the 2000s decade. Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Lopez, and Christina Aguilera all have similar careers, and I’d love to see who’s bigger!

    Among younger acts, I’d definitely recommend Ariana Grande!

  7. I’d also like to request Justin Timberlake + NSYNC. We have Britney Spears, Spice Girls, Christina Aguilera, and Backstreet Boys, so it’d be interesting to complete the teen pop era as well.

    1. I think: Justin Timeberlake, less than 50 million albums equivalent. NSYNC, around 35. Ariana Grande, no more than 20. J Lo, less than 35. Selena Gomez, less than 20 million. Avril Lavigne, around 45.

  8. Yu should do the infamous Nana Mouskouri. I know it would take a long time, but I think we could put an end to those 300 million albums claim

  9. I would very much like to the CSPC results for KISS. I have a feeling that they have one of the most overblown totals for sales (over 100 million) ever.

  10. Would love if you could do Ariana Grande, Little Mix, Selena Gomez and Pentatonix!
    I would love to see Pentatonix’s numbers this Christmas, since their 2016 holiday album was the 10th best-selling album of the year and their other Christmas albums/EPs were also successful! And they’re rereleasing “A Pentatonix Christmas” this week with new songs, so I’m excited to see the numbers!

  11. Please do Ariana Grande and an update for Rihanna and Beyonce to see ANTI and Lemonade’s respective final totals now that their eras are wrapped up.

  12. Prince
    Tina Turner
    Garth Brooks
    The Eagles
    Toni Braxton
    Barbara S
    Elton John
    Pink Floyd
    Anyone else who could be top ten

  13. How about creating a list of the top 10 selling albums per year starting with the 60’s. Not a list of the biggest sellers released that particular year, but the biggest selling albums during the year.

  14. Ariana Grande please. Also if possible a list of the top 20 best selling songs/albums of all time would be nice. I presume it would be easier to make since it’s not an artist’s total sales and there is already a rough list of the songs and all you would do is confirm the numbers.

  15. So people can just write the same name under different nicks and get multiple votes? Nice.
    I want Queen, then maybe Queen, and for desert, probably Queen.
    P.S. Queen pls.

    1. Hi Dan!

      Certainly not 😉

      As mentioned, we can see the IPs of requests. The message of Luana has voted 13 times for Selena Gomez for example, I validated the first and sent the remaining 12 on trash. For Ayumi, they are different people, likely shared on a Twitter account / fan forum.

  16. QUEEN please, my first choice. Then perhaps in no particular order
    Iron Maiden
    Black Sabbath
    Van Halen
    Def Leppard
    Pink Floyd
    Lionel Richie

  17. MJD, what about this people that posted here asking for more than one artist to be analysed?! You considered all the artists or only the first?!

    1. I never thought someone would ask or Thalía. The only data we have about her sales it’s in her English Wikipedia, I put there myself, I don’t think someone could found anything more…

  18. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Jennifer Lopez (i think you really should go with her now, since she was one of the biggest females of the 2000s decade)

  19. Ayumi Hamasaki would be a great artist to study and a refreshing break from the usual western-centric artists studied here. Lots of interesting information. My vote goes to her.

  20. I think its important to acknowledge the fans of your site………….
    I think its also important to acknowledge the biggest artists of all time and their contribution to not only the recording industry but to the global culture of music……………and although some artists aren’t as popular today as they were in their heyday (elvis/streisand/rod stewart)
    their impact on society for the time they were around (20/30/40 years) is VERY relevent on our society as a whole.
    I think the way you weigh albums vs. digital singles should also be considered for
    current artists/highest voted artists vs. biggest artists of yesterday……………….
    Can’t wait to see who’s coming up next……….(you already know who I’m rallying for)

  21. It’s time to take a look at Jennifer Lopez’s! It would be quite interesting to find out since she’s such a big name, but I have no clue what she’s done chart-wise.

  22. omg at the spam votes. MJD can you just update who are the top 10 so far in terms of votes please? Btw, I would also vote for Barbra, Elvis, Queen and Elton John. I assume those are the only ones with over 150 million CSPC left.

    1. I think there are a handful of other artists over 150 million……..eagles, garth brooks, rod stewart………….maybe a couple surprises……..plus the ones you mentioned

  23. I would also say Jimi Hendrix and his band The Jimi Hendrix Experience.
    It would be interesting to see how much they have sold in the world; not just in the United States but also all over the world like in Asia or Europe, obviously considering both studio albums before death and after Jimi Hendrix’s death (posthumous albums) for example The Cry of Love.
    Jimi is by no means the biggest guitar player of all time, although he is very only at 27 years old !!!

  24. It would be nice to have discussion forum here on this website. We could discuss things related to global album sales. For example: Which albums are the biggest selling flops of all time? 🙂

    1. I can’t believe the amount of people who want to see the sales of such relatively low selling acts like Lopez or Grande above stars like Elton, Queen & Elvis, who will all be Top 10 and possibly Top 5. These people are clearly not interested in music sales in general, just seeing their fave female, judging them against other females & then inevitably preceding to get into pathetic arguments about them.

        1. If there are more people who want to see an analysis about Jennifer Lopez’s career than people who want one for old ass acts like Elvis, Queen and Barbra who weren’t even around when we were growing up, then MJD will make one for Jennifer to satisfy the majority of us. Deal with it! The reasons (which you are just guessing btw) she is getting votes are NONE of your business.

          1. But are there? The influx of votes for both Lopez & Grande seems very at odds with their popularity in general, it’s got collusion or cheating written all over it.

            This is a music sales/consumption site, so naturally I want to see the biggest sellers, the most iconic acts etc it does not matter to me if they are “new” or “old” or “weren’t around when we was growing up”. By even stating that, you are kind of proving me correct. You want to see YOUR favourite acts, the acts YOU grew up with, your not really interested in the true nature of the site, music sales & consumption in general, just your favourites.

            I never tried to guess why she is getting votes, in my original post, I commented on those voting for them.

        2. I am very much in agreement with you, dear Martin, it is true everyone has their own opinions and tastes, but I only see fans of famous dives.
          I’m cheering for Queen, Elton John and Elvis Presley, as you said these three deserve to be analyzed as soon as possible !!!

          1. Exactly Pelvis. We want to see the true sales kings, not these inconsequential female acts.

            I hate being gender specific about music sales but these silly little diva lovers need to get a grip and realise men rule when it comes to sales & consumption, always have, always will.

          2. Martin,

            Do you really think it is needed to call names when nobody went after you? Please slow down your useless attacks or I’ll move your comments to spam.

          3. Oh, and I hope you realize that the best selling act of this decade is a woman. Adele will undoubtedly end up as the biggest act of the decade (male or female), followed by Taylor Swift.

            So much for “men rule when it comes to sales & consumption, always have, always will.”. 😉 Like I said, perhaps you should get with the times.

        3. That Martin person needs to stop trying to tell people what to do. People are voting for the likes of Ariana and Selena because they have a huge online following. I don’t see anything wrong with fans wanting to know the sales/stats of their favorite artists. Just vote for your dead acts and move on.

          No offense but “these silly little diva lovers need to get a grip and realise men rule when it comes to sales & consumption, always have, always will” is such a sexist and stupid thing to say. And if you haven’t noticed, this site isn’t just for acts who have sold 200 million albums, but for every act that’s been successful at some point. Ariana, for example, is a streaming force and has the most streamed female album on Spotify. We’re currently in the streaming era. Welcome to 2017. Try to step out of the 1970s for once.

          Besides, just take a look at the biggest CSPC articles on this site. Aside from the King of Pop and The Beatles, the “divas” always get a lot more comments/likes than other acts. Why is this? Because most “divas” have big, devoted fan bases with huge online followings. Plus most of them are still alive and releasing music, thus there’s more buzz around them. Nobody is “cheating” or “manipulating” anything. If it bothers you so much, don’t look at their articles and scroll down. MJD can see the IPs anyway so he won’t count faux votes.

          If people want to argue about “divas” and their sales, what is it to you? How exactly does it affect your life? You seem way too bothered about “divas”. I’m sure MJD doesn’t mind if people discuss his figures or get into arguments about them on ATRL or UKMix. Take your homophobic + sexist undertones, as well as your useless personal attacks somewhere else. It’s never that serious.

          1. Wow! A 10/10 post, Stephen! Thank you for pointing out the blatant sexism and homophobia in Martin’s posts.

            That dude makes no sense. How is it strange that fresher stars like JLo and Ariana are getting more votes than Barbra, Queen, Elvis ect who experienced their peak of popularity (or died) decades ago? It’s absolutely expected since those “divas” still have a big following and active fans voting for them online. It would be actually suspicious if the OPPOSITE happened and someone like Elvis obliterated the vote results.

            And like you said, it’s impossible ANYWAYS to cheat since MJD can check IPs and remove spam votes coming from the same person, something which is clearly mentioned in the this thread. Dunno how Martin missed it, but I guess we shouldn’t put too much blame on him since, like we all know, the human brain slows down as we grow into our 50s and 60s and eyesight decreases, unfortunately. I wish him luck and hope that he can finally, at one point, cope with the fact that the owner of this website gives us the freedom to vote for whoever we want and that he cannot object against who people are casting their votes for.

          2. Why there’s a Queen stan named martin running around on sinister errands on the comments? and
            vilifying divas like Barbra , JLO, ARIANA? Please remove this guy’s comments.

  25. I also like to see Jennifer Lopez, cuz her numbers havent been updated for years. She used to be one of the biggest female singers.

    And DEAD at people wanting to see Arianna Grande lol, like seriously, she’s been in the business like how many years…

  26. Justin, Ariana, J Lo… are not artists of a huge success and many albums. They are easy to calculate.

    I think: Justin Timeberlake, less than 50 million albums equivalent. NSYNC, around 35. Ariana Grande, no more than 20. J Lo, less than 35. Selena Gomez, less than 20 million. Avril Lavigne, around 45.

    It is much more interesting an analysis of Julio Iglesias, Barbra Streisand, Frank Sinatra, Queen …

  27. Sorry, but i call BS.
    It’s either a nerdy and bored fangirl, who switches on and off her router to change IP and gain tens of votes, or it was shared on Grande / Lopez FB pages, hence the sudden influx of votes.

      1. So I looked it up and like I expected, “poof” is a derogatory name for a homosexual man. You are digusting, hateful and should be banned altogether from posting on this website.

        Anyways, better being a “diva wanker” than a necrophile who is obsessed with worshipping 60s/70s music acts who are DEAD and BURIED.

  28. So, maybe we just need two CSPC’s. One for the older stars (Barbra, Elton John, Sinatra…), and one CSPC for the younger stars (Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, Timberlake…). And everything will be just fine. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  29. I would like to see a CSPC analysis of Queen because I remember that in the old website “fan of music” they sold about 178 million albums, now with the new material for example the compilation (Queen – Forever) that will have sold about 550,000 copies, maybe they will only be reached with the albums at 180 million, then there are DVDs, VHSs and finally I think they are one of the few groups in the ’70s who have sold so much for individual physical, digital and streaming.

      1. I also think dear Dan, no doubt that Queen overtake Led Zeppelin.
        I believe their total CSPC will oscillate between 215 and 220 million equivalent albums sold !!!

      2. Aye they will be for sure. I don’t think there will be much in the albums sales but with streaming, singles, videos/dvds etc they will be far above Led Zeppelin. I know some folk think Babs is a better seller than them but I don’t think she is even close, I think Queen will push for a place in the Top 5, they really have sold a fantastic amount of product & their streaming figures are amazing for a catalogue band, possibly the best (maybe Jackson is better)

  30. I would like to see:
    • Elvis Presley
    • Julio Iglesias
    • Elton John
    • Queen
    • Ayumi Hamasaki

    And, if at all possible:
    • BIGBANG (over 70 millon DL)
    • IU (over 90 million DL)
    • Roberto Carlos
    • Hikaru Utada

  31. I just want to see the best selling artists.

    The hell does contemporary have to do with music sales? Queen is more popular than Lopez on streaming & on the current UK & US album charts!

    1. Hi Martin,

      Some views:
      – you just want to see the best selling artists, that’s fine and everyone respect that. I’m sure you can respect then that other people want to see their favorite artist instead, especially when the best selling artists include a whole bunch of acts they know nothing about. You have to consider that there is people voting who are fairly young, and it isn’t a flaw as far as I know.
      – try to remember to which acts you would have voted in a similar blog when you were 14, I’m sure you would have voted for acts that went on to become icons, but also for acts forgotten for very long.
      – it seems you are deflating the popularity of the said acts. Obviously a new act like Ariana Grande won’t compete with the Beatles, but she already got at least one #1 album in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, Italy, Norway, New-Zealand, etc. She is massive in Asia, in Japan, in South America, in latin countries of Europe, in North America, etc. From the 10s, she is on the upper side of the artist’s leagues.
      – you speak as if each study replaces an other one, e.g. for example if I do Ariana Grande, I won’t do Queen. It isn’t how it works. I would complete Ariana and Kelly Clarkson and Selena Gomez and JLo in less time than Queen or Elton John alone. If I work only on legends, weeks and weeks will pass between each article.
      – last but not least, think at it that way: you want the top 20 best selling artists. Thus, you got your wishes a dozen of times, your satisfaction level should be in the 50/75% range. The fan who wants only JLo has his satisfaction level at 0. In some months, all the biggest artists will be covered while in the other side there would still be plenty of fans from specific acts who got nothing interesting for them.

      A bit for everyone is nice too!

      1. To be honest G, my faves at 14 are still my faves now! You know me, I like sales, I like the figures the stats etc I’ve no real problem with Lopez, Grande etc.

        I would love to see more faves like Deep Purple, White Stripes, Whitesnake, AC/DC but what I really want is the big boys, I want that Top 10 completed.

        Sorry everybody if I’ve been a bit of a dick but I just get frustrated at the way female artists seem to take over every music sales site. IMO their online popularity does seem to outweigh their actual popularity. Sorry again guys. I’m not homophobic just a bit of a prick sometimes.

        1. No need to apologize, you’re not wrong.
          By the amount of comments on the MJ analysis, we can clearly see that people prefer big acts analyzed over tiny ones (someone said Clarkson?). Even if it takes 3 weeks per analysis.

  32. Hello! I would like to see the big ones like Elvis, Elton, etc, but also some newer rock/alternative acts:

    Chili Peppers
    Depeche Mode
    System of a Down
    Imagine Dragons


  33. I also want to request Ace of Base and Alanis Morisette. I’m curious to see just how big their smash albums were. Isn’t Jagged Little Pill considered one of the best-selling female albums?

  34. Is it possible to do a compilation of best selling soundtracks (only the ones that sold over 10 million copies)? If not, my back-up vote goes to Aretha Franklin

  35. I’d love Ed Sheeran to be updated. His CSPC total must have climbed an awful lot since September 2016!

    Macklemore, Calvin Harris and The XX would be interesting too IMO.

  36. Not really an artist resuest here but is there any plan for an article about the impact of streaming on the music industry?

    The one about the ravaging impact of downloads was very interesting so I was wondering if a report about the impact of streaming was in the making.

    1. Hi IE!

      Yes, this article has been drafted even before the release of the ravaging impact of downloads article. One of the chapters from the impact of streaming article was about how Latin songs will become much bigger than previously. The fact that Despacito went on to be a viral sensation a couple of weeks later kind of bored me as the insights of the article suddenly looked like opportunism. Well, I guess I still need to write it in full and publish the article ASAP, elseway even more elements from it will be already known before it comes to the light!

  37. Can you update Beyoncé solo.
    I sure Dangerously in love and I Am Sasha Fierce has now sold 10 and 8 million. Could you also tell us how much halo sold in Brazil? Also , do you think BASF has topped 3M in Europe now that most Europe charts include streaming?

    1. Hi ASJ!

      All album sales mentioned on those articles are pure album sales. Each format is treated on its own, this is only the final CSPC numbers that merge everything together. I wouldn’t expect her albums to increase in Europe, especially since the findings since then of Scandinavian sales being mostly streams and eastern Europe markets being dead for several years. Albums from last 10 years when newly studied mostly went slightly down lately for those reasons.

  38. Thanks MJD. But overall where do you think IASF total pure sales stand. I’ve been following the era for years since its the first album that started my following of charts. I know you like to announce sales in report but I would really love if you could give the hive just this one favor. This is what I always come up with. Let me know if some is off.

    North America- 3,600,000
    Europe- 2,800,000
    South America -450,000
    Africa- 150,000
    Oceania- 345,000
    Asia- 450,000

    With all other countries factors in this estimation I get 7,800,000.

  39. I love reading these posts and just discovered them the other day. Thanks for putting these together. I would love to see the following artists at some point:

    -Black Sabbath
    -The Who
    -The Eagles
    -Elvis Presley
    -Elton John
    -The Doors
    -Van Halen
    -Jimi Hendrix Experience
    -The Beach Boys
    -Iron Maiden

  40. Prince
    Toni Braxton
    Mary J Blidge
    N Sync
    Backstreet Boys
    Vanilla Ice
    MC Hammer
    50 Cent
    Kanye West
    Jay Z
    Amy Winehouse-Can’t remember if she’s done
    Justin Beiber-if he’s not done
    Chris Brown
    Ciara-if she’s not done

  41. Please ……:

    Modern Talking
    Pet Shop Boys
    JJ Goldman
    Within Temptation
    Blue System
    Sarah Brightman
    2 Unlimited

  42. Hi,

    is there an alphabetic list of artists that have been CSPC’ed 🙂

    I’d like to request these:

    Black Sabbath
    Deep Purple
    Iron Maiden
    Judas priest
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Van Halen
    ZZ Top

    Sorry for the long list 😉

  43. Hello,
    Fantastic job, would love to see for the following (some are less mainstream than most of the singers above) :
    – Kate Bush
    – Tina Turner
    – TLC
    – Prince
    – Alanis Morissette
    – Johnny Hallyday
    – Utada Hikaru
    – Erykah Badu
    – Sade
    – Enya
    – Carly Simon
    – Carpenters

    Update on :
    – Céline Dion
    – Amy Winehouse

    Cheers !

    1. Oh, I forgot :
      – Aretha Franklin
      – Marvin Gaye
      – Toni Braxton
      – Brandi
      – Kylie Minogue
      – All Saints
      – Cyndi Lauper

      Thx 🙂

  44. AC/DC
    Black Sabbath
    Deep Purple
    Iron Maiden
    Judas priest
    Ozzy Osbourne
    Van Halen
    ZZ Top

  45. No arrtist Popularity Analysis in two weeks, not unsual as past updated times, may MJD be working in a lagre disc? I guess Elvis, Elton, I hope, Barbra

  46. PLEASEEE, update about Justin Bieber, y’ll not updated since August 10, 2016 and he make a lot of thing in music in 2017, he breaks records without releasing a album, Bieber is an artist need to be update

  47. Hi again,

    Here are new ones to get in consideration :
    – Sting
    – Lil’ Kim
    – Missy Elliott
    – Police
    – Tupac
    – Outkast
    – Kelis
    – Dido
    – Grace Jones
    – Robbie Williams

    Cheers 🙂

    1. Oh and I forgot these ones :
      – Lauryn Hill
      – Fugees
      – Mary J Blige
      – Stevie Wonder
      – Frank Sinatra
      – Edith Piaf (maybe very tricky to do her)

      Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Donald,

      As previously stated on requests about Ayumi and Hikaru, the fact that Japan doesn’t use Spotify make it harder to dispatch sales of compilations into studio album. This could possibly be done with Last.fm, I need to have a try there.

  48. And now that I think about it… Die Toten Hosen has 10 number one albums in their native Germany. How about them too?

  49. He MJD,

    Thanks for the hard work. I’d love to see The Supremes/Diana Ross & I’d love to see if Alanis has the best selling female studio album.

  50. Beyoncé album sales right?

    DIL – 12M
    B’Day – 8M
    IASF – 9M
    4 – 3.7M
    Beyoncé – 5.4M
    Lemonade – 3.2M

    That’s 42M albums!

  51. Shouldn’t André Rieu and Andrea Boccelli be up there too ? I mean, I have a feeling they’ve been selling records like hotcakes since the 90’s and they release new albums nearly every year. I’m just wondering. That would be good to have a more varied selection of artists for CSPCs, instead of the usual pop divas/rock bands … I mean, I love those too but that would be different.
    I can’t wait for Elvis and Barbra. I have given up on expecting anything about Nana Mouskouri, it must be too heavy a task ! 😀

    1. Mr.MJD post at least one article every week untill this week, I think he may be on progress of a great, heavy disc… , Barbra or Elvis is now the biggest female and male “missed”

  52. Hello,
    Here are some other suggestions, mostly minor sellers I assume :
    – Björk
    – Joni Mitchell
    – Seal
    – Eric Clapton (Big one I think)
    – Peter Gabriel
    – Red hot chili peppers
    – Metalica
    – ACDC
    – Marylin Manson
    – Daft Punk

    Thx !

  53. Just do something special! About Japanese singers, at least their sales are well documentated.

    Namie Amuro is the hype right now, she will retire on September 16th 2018, maybe about her. 🙂

  54. You covered a lot of great female singers. I would love for you to do Toni Braxton. She was once a great big global superstar. Would be interesting to see her CSPC results.

  55. Please update Beyoncé. Her recurrent streaming stats are impressive with Halo getting +135M streams in the past year. She has your most viewed CSPC article for any act, so there is obviously demand for an update.

    More acts that I would like you to update/do:
    Ed Sheeran (The Divide era has been massive)
    Justin Bieber (The Purpose era came to an end but his remix of Despacito was huge)
    Lady Gaga (Can Joanne surpass ARTPOP in units, or will she keep declining?)
    Justin Timberlake and NSYNC
    Elton John

  56. Can you please update:
    Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ed Sheeran
    and do:
    Justin Timberlake, Jay-Z, Avril Lavigne, Kelly Clarkson, Elton John, Donna Summer
    Thank you for all the great work you’ve put in, I really enjoy reading these articles. Keep up the good work!

      1. yes we know but we want an update ! Some of her sales are underrated on this article (such as Bad Romance or Alejandro). Plus it doesn’t have Joanne !

        OT: Lady Gaga update please

  57. Hi,
    It looks like Spotify is available in Japan as they’ve put so many big names’ discography. Hence it could be great to see CSPC for:
    – Sheena Ringo
    – Ayumi Hamasaki
    – Namie Amuro
    – Boa
    (already requested Utada HIkaru)

    Other big names, not American :
    – Laura Pausini
    – Eros Ramazotti
    – Andrea Bocelli
    – Jean-Jacques Goldman
    – Francis Cabrel
    – Patricia Kaas
    – Lara Fabian
    – Mylene Farmer
    – Tokyo Hotel
    – Gloria Estefan
    – Ricky Martin

    Thx a lot !

  58. Hello,
    What about more 90s band like :
    – The Cranberries
    – No Doubt
    – Gwen Stefani
    – Garbage
    – The Coors
    – Natalie Imbruglia
    – Sheryl Crow
    – Dolly Patron
    – Garth Brooks
    – En Vogue


      1. Hi Daydreamer,
        If you scroll up the page you’ll see on some previous comments I already asked for Alanis Morissette 🙂
        I just don’t re ask for the same singers.

  59. Please update Lady Gaga’s sales… also I think sales from the Joanne singles and some sales from TFM singles are missing in your top digital singles selling artists thread (since Bad Romance sold 12M WW and not 10,8M.)

  60. I think…
    Justin Timberlake: 40 M equivalent albums, no more.
    Nysnc: 37 M equivalent albums.
    Justin Timberlake total: 77 M equivalent total (7 albums).

    Lady Gaga: 53.5 M. Joanne: 1.9 equivalentes albums.

    J Lo: 34 M

    Kylie Minogue: 32 M

    Avril Lavigne: 42 M

  61. The Cranberries should be analyzed. Their 3 first studio albums were very successful and the first two are easily among the best selling LPs of the 90s.

  62. Elvis and Elton John. They are the heavy hitters left to evaluate. Really curious how both have done in digital singles and streaming. I don’t see anyone else making the top 10.