CSPC: Data Collector

It has been 19 months since I introduced to you theΒ Commensurate Sales to Popularity Concept, nicknamed CSPC, in March 2016. During this timeframe I, with the precious help of Hernan Lopez and Anthony Blanchard, studied 69 artists, 639 albums plus countless singles and stand-alone tracks worth a gigantic 6,5 billion equivalent album sales combined!

Many of you praised the effort and the ongoing results which really makes us feel great about the website. One recurrent form of negative feedback though has been the difficulty to navigate the blog to collect the information needed. While I can advise you to use the search function at the top-right, which works really well, an article grouping together the main data was definitely needed. So, here it is, please say hi to the Data Collector!

This article lists five rankings for now (please see the details on page 2). Various more lists will come from time to time. Top selling singles / albums / artists, per format, per year, per artist type, etc… everything is possible!

Thanks to this Data CollectorΒ it isn’t necessary anymore to repeat the comprehensive rankings at the end of each article. It will solve an issue by removing some pages and letting you reach always the same final pages for all acts – CSPC totals, the artist’s singles ranking and their records & achievements. This article will be kept updated which will also prevent us from having lists updated at different moments here and there.

Since many of you are incredible followers, you are already aware of the CSPC specificities and its evolution through the months. A big one was the change of ratio for digital singles. To avoid listing totals resulting from different methodologies, today I updated all the articles of artists which were still based on the old 1:10 ratio, switching to the more fitting 1,5:10 weight. Thus, lists presented here include updated data for all acts.

Anthony will handle the updates of this thread from now on and try to answer your questions the best he can. We won’t be answering to lists requests on comments though as it will be impossible to maintain. Instead, when you request something, and if it is relevant for many people, we will add a page to the article with the said list.

Once most of you, the regular readers, take note of this introduction to know what this change is about and how we will proceed, we will remove this introduction and put the CSPC introduction in its place instead to enable the casual readers to understand what it is all about. I hope you will enjoy this formatting re-organization, you can now jump on the rankings to see the impact of all the updates that have been done!

100 thoughts on “CSPC: Data Collector”

  1. I really congratulate you very much for your excellent work, so perfect, meticulous, it is a really brilliant site, sincere congratulations to all three.
    I just have a question to ask:
    I just wanted to know if the artists you have updated today, then there will also be integration of YouTube video views and for some artists already analyzed such as Lady Gaga and Rolling Stones beyond YouTube integration, will be added their 2 respective albums “Joanne” and “Blue & Lonesome”!!

    1. Also do you mind pinning this article on the side bar so it is easy to access when browsing around? Maybe under the “Categories” section?

      Thanks for all your hard work! Much appreciated. Looking forward to Elvis and the Chili Peppers!

    2. Hi Kris!

      Thanks for the help πŸ™‚ Nirvana’s link is fixed, so are Lady Gaga’s figures. A widget is added to the sidebar too, “Useful Links”, with both the Data Collector and the requests’ article. Hope it helps πŸ™‚

  2. Why don’t update Katy’s sales figures?Why just use 1.5:10 ratio to update TEA?She has 6 singles with over 10m downloads WW and Teenage Dream is the best selling digital era of all time!

  3. By the way,your sales figures are pretty fake.Prism had not sold 2m in US as of 2016.It had sold 1.7m in US according to Billboard as of February this year

    1. Clearly you don’t know what a shipment means. The RIAA certified PRISM 2x Platinum before streaming was included for albums.

    2. Hi LMAO,

      There is obviously a ton of things you are unaware of in the charts & sales area. I would suggest you to learn first before claiming someone is fake. Soundscan doesn’t collect 100% of sales, especially some special offers. Prism was officially certified 2xP in the US before the inclusion of SPS, so that’s every claim under the 2 million mark which is obviously fake.

      1. If you’re counting Katy Perry’s Prism’s shipments over sales for her overall total, shouldn’t you do the same for Britney’s Femme Fatale, which you have down as having 850,000 sales even though it has a platinum certification from the RIAA for one million copies?

        1. Hi Jase!

          The case of Prism and Femme Fatale are very different. The Platinum award of Britney Spears arrived just 1 month after the release of the album, the minimum required time frame to apply for a certification. It is a clear case of an album hitting a certification with the initial shipment and then fail to reach it.

          Prism’s 2xP award was certified in mid-2015, nearly two years after the release of the album. Very few copies were still available on retailers at that point meaning that indeed 2 million copies were sold. When I built Katy’s article, I still hadn’t identify which sales were excluded by Soundscan to explain this gap between its Soundscan total and its shipment so the natural process in that case is to give it the benefit of the doubt.

          In the meantime, I identified why several albums, including Ariana Grande’s My Everything and Lorde’s Pure Heroine, had high RIAA certifications. It was due to Google Play offering them for free during one week.

          Thus I just ended to search if Prism received that promotion as well. Guess what? It did! This will be fixed when Katy’s article is updated, we also now have the reason of this discrepancy – Prism did sell over 2 million units (most likely around 2,2m giving the number of users of Google Play / results of Lorde / Ariana), but half a million of them were for free.

    3. TD and TF have simiar digital tracks sales(and TD sold more in US),check on wiki.I think there’s nearly no difference between TD’s digital tracks sales and TF’s.TF digital tracks did sold more except US,but TD sold more in US,and they have similar certified numbers,so I think WW numbers would be similar

    1. Hi Jake!

      It is the same figures, from the same date, with the new formula in order to put all acts on par. Several acts still have the old ratio for streaming, but it isn’t a relevant different since streams achieved since then make up for the gap.

  4. Pink Floyd & Michael are the two that really impress me. Michael in a way is obvious, he’s a truly global icon and the furore about his releases post Thriller was immense but Floyd, a kind of underground act in many respects, I think is more impressive, the sustained popularity of their two (maybe three) biggest albums is amazing and while I’m no fan of Celine Dion, respect to her and having two albums above 40m.

    Another two acts that impress me are The Eagles and Garth Brooks, certainly in the US, fantastic certification totals, although Garths label seems to know how to play the game well & are one of the few that are fastidious at updates.

  5. Barbra is “lost” in the list, some of other female’s stans use this list to claim fake top3, top5, top10… I think she must be above Whitney even Mariah

  6. It would also be nice if there was a page posting each screenshot of an artist’s CSPC results. Since as you said there has been 69 artists done, one doesn’t have time to read every single artist’s analysis entirely. It’s a bit tiring sometimes to scroll through each artists CSPC analysis to find their screenshot breakdown, especially if you’ve actually read it before but are just going back to look at something specific!

  7. Hi everyone!

    The singles ranking have been added earlier today, and a table of content is now available in page 2.
    A new list will be added tomorrow, so stay tuned !

  8. Hi @MJD.

    I’m just a little bit confused by the artists ranking – overall sales/CSPC.

    Rihanna’s rank has been lifted from 65M+ to 75M+ but it still has old the date of when you last updated her profile – june 2016.

    Is the jump she now made her final total, or will she even rank higher once you update her profile which is 14 months out of date. I suspect she may be over 80M by now considering her gargantuan streams (Spotify especially, YouTube)? I could be very wrong though.

    1. Hi Cara!

      The article still has the old date (June 2016) because all figures are valid as of June 2016. In all likelihood she is indeed several millions higher by now!

  9. Hey @MJD.

    This is just a general question and off topic to this particular post but who would you say are your favourite artists both male and female – top five? (Esp. of the ones you’ve done on this page). πŸ˜€

    Also, when are you going to update Rihanna and Adele’s CSPC rank? Anytime soon? πŸ˜€

    1. Hi Lennox!

      To be honest, making a Top 5 per gender wouldn’t make sense for me. My #1 female (let say PJ Harvey) would most likely not even feature inside the Top 20 male artists, so putting two Top 5s on par would be misleading more than anything. The big ones for me are Sufjan Stevens, Bowie, MJ, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder. Among bands Radiohead, the White Stripes/Jack White, the Beach Boys. Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours is likely the international album I listened to the most in my lifetime while this year I streamed Kendrick Lamar’s Damn way more than anything else. I played a lot for various years some French acts too, mostly Saez and Francis Cabrel, the former one I would most likely rank him as the most talented artist out of all.

      As for updates, I’m hoping all big ones will be done before the end of the year!

  10. In regards to the #1 Albums per year page, you have Drake’s “More Life” as #1 of 2017. Shouldn’t that spot go to Ed’s “Divide”?

    1. Hi Rod!

      You are probably right about “Divide”, but Ed Sheeran has been analyzed in 2016, so we haven’t studied his last album so far.
      You can be sure it will be done in the next days/weeks!

      1. Oh okay, awesome. That’s good to know.

        I wonder if by then X will replace 1989 as the album of 2014. I love this list, it’s very interesting.

  11. I really want to see CSPC’s for Elvis Presley and Elton John now! Only these two stars can still enter the top 10 IMHO.

  12. Celine Dion’s total should be over 194m by now. And next year, she will release a new album and that would also increase the sales of her previous albums and hopefully sells another 6 million by the end of 2018 so she would reach a total of 200 million. πŸ™‚

  13. Wonderful work you have done here. As a fan of raw album sales, I was wondering if you would add a page to this of top selling artists in terms of raw albums, including compilations. Would be interesting to see how this list compares to the CSPC list. Thanks.

    1. Hi Lance!

      You’re right, this kind of list is very interesting, that’s why I’ve just added the list “Raw sales – Studio albums” in page 5!

      1. Thank you very much for the “Raw sales – Studio albums” list! It’s very interesting, really. But I’m surprised Alanis Morissette’s album Jagged Little Pill isn’t on the top 100 list ?!

        1. Hi Daydreamer!

          “Jagged Little Pill” is not in this list because Alanis has not been studied for the moment. Its sales should be between 32-35m.
          Other big albums are missing for the same reason, like “Back In Black” (AC/DC), “Brothers In Arms” (Dire Strait) or “Hotel California” (The Eagles), all above 30m.

          1. Oops my bad…:-(

            Alanis Morissette has not been studied, of course. It was a momentary lapse of reason(to quote Pimk Floyd) from me.

  14. Just a small thing – if Beyonce and Destiny’s Child are combined for a single stat for Beyonce, shouldn’t Michael Jackson’s total then become some 380M+ to include J5/Jacksons stats?

  15. Where is Uptown Funk on the “TRACKS RANKING – CSPC – OVERALL SALES” list on Page 5? I’m also surprised to see Rolling in the Deep rank so low considering.

    1. Hi Geoffrey!

      The ranking on page 5 refers to top singles in terms of equivalent album sales generated. Uptown Funk sold so well as a stand-alone single because it was big, but also because it was part of a weak album. It has less than 4 million EAS.

      Rolling In The Deep is part of a big selling album, but it shares the merit with other big songs like Someone Like You and Set the Fire to the Rain, sales of 21 are spread over several songs.

  16. Hey, Rolling in the Deep is not wrong? You wrote here Rolling in the Deep has around 18kk and it was the best female selling single all the time

    1. Hi Nardo!

      Those two figures are not inconsistent:
      – 17.7m is the figure for digital singles (in units).
      – 11.23m is the figure for all sales combined (in equivalent album sales), including digital singles, streaming, a part of the studio album…

    1. Hi Pedro!

      The total for “Hips Don’t Lie” is 6.84m equivalent albums sales, so ironically its ranking is #201 πŸ™‚

  17. How do you deal with catalog tracks suddenly getting a new life?

    Take Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'” for example. A hit song in 1981 it was one of many important tracks on their 1988 megaselling GH album (also “Faithfully”, “Open Arms”, “Who’s Cryin’ Now”, “Lights”, “Wheel in the Sky”, “Seperate Ways”, “Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin'” and “Anyway You Want It” )
    But since 2007 it almost seems “Don’t Stop Believin'” has been the only important track in their catalog. Especially due to the Sopranos finale, then the Glee version as well as a bunch of other covers. The Rock band video game. The Tom Cruise movie Rock of Ages. The song has been everywhere the past 10 years. Generating the lion share of GH sales and other compilation albums – and I’m sure your streaming research will reflect this. BUT, from 1988-2007 I’m not so sure the song fueled more sales than some of the other songs I mentioned above. Any thoughts on this issue?

    On a completely different subject, are exclusive streaming rights to specific artists causing problems for your CSPC? Some artists may be exclusively on Spotity or one of the other platforms.

    1. Hi Thomas!

      I actually answered this exact same question about this exact same song some time ago at SHF, here is the text πŸ™‚

      Your point is absolutely valid but the impact is much softer than you may think for various reasons:

      1) The streaming ratio on compilations is used only for that compilation part which is only 1 out of the 5 sales avenues. For the huge majority of albums, the largest sales avenue is the original album itself, so those calculations won’t impact too much.
      2) All figures are albums-axed rather than singles-axed. Thus, no matter if it is Open Arms, Don’t Stop Believin’ or Who’s Cryin’ Now, sales will be assigned to Escape. While it happens that successful singles get even bigger with time like Don’t Stop Believin’, you will rarely get a flop single / era of a successful artist suddenly getting big. If I do a CSPC analysis on Journey, I can cut Don’t Stop Believin’ streams by 2, the distribution between albums will remain almost identical.
      3) Time frame both sides. Pre-side, in general compilations get released various years after original albums covered so the appeal distribution of its tracks are already pretty established. Post-side, if streaming over last 10 years show that Don’t Stop Believin’ is being much bigger, then it is the one driving the compilation for 10 years. This means that while the track got issued 35 years ago, there is already at least 6+10 ‘valid’ years, with no flaw.
      4) Popularity evolution impacts ongoing sales. When a song suddenly gets bigger, then the compilation will also increase its sales, which will quickly soften the effect. From 1995 to 2007, Journey’s Greatest Hits only had 7 weeks Top 5 inside the Catalog Chart, it ranked there 10 or more weeks every year from 2007 to 2011 thanks to Don’t Stop Believin’
      5) Popularity changes are not as sudden as we may think. If a song takes off thanks to one TV show or so, it often got used very precisely due to its potential. You will be surprised to know that from 1998 to 2007, Don’t Stop Believin’ was aired way more in the US radio than Who’s Crying Now? and Seperate Ways combined. By week 15 of 2007, before the alleged boost, it had scanned 728,822 downloads, already the most popular pre-2000 song not by Journey but out of all artists, ahead of Eye of the Tiger. Thus, Greatest Hits has been selling on the back of that song for much longer than we can think. Most streamed tracks since 2012 for all acts were also the best selling downloads in 2004-2012 which were also the most played on radio since 1998, quite simply because airplay is responsible for everything. Playlists do not change often and when they do its because there is demand for it, which means consumers are also going to purchase the record more than for other songs.
      6) Time operates. Even if such a case happens, time will always end up linearizing it.

      Take all that into account and as mentioned, I’m sure a CSPC analysis on Journey wouldn’t have total album results vary by more than 10% if I use 2017 Spotify data or 1998 Mediabase figures. While your point is a very valid theorical case, in concrete terms this will rarely impact much.

      About specific rights, they can be an issue but we can fall back on our feats thanks to external data like the RIAA. It happened with Beyonce’s recent albums, I used BuzzAngle data to get exact streams rather than Spotify data πŸ™‚

      1. Hi MJD

        Vow! That was a thorough reply. Thank you very much 😊
        I did not know that Don’t Stop Believin’ was already the most downloaded pre-2000 song before the Sopranos. Impressive!

        Keep up the excellent work πŸ‘

  18. With the passing of Johnny Hallyday………..I’d like to see what the “French Elvis” has accomplished.

    I’ve never heard a single song of his………….but would be curious to see
    (after Rod Stewart of course {Faces/Jeff Beck})

  19. I’m been streaming music for quite some years already. Not so much on Spotify. I have a TIDAL subscription via my moblie phone (formerly WIMP).
    So it wasn’t until yesterday I found out you can see streaming figures from Spotify (thanks MJD).

    After the obvious initial joy I soon found the complications many of you are likely dealing with too.
    Some recordings/versions of a certain song might be added together, and then maybe not for another song.

    Take Whitesnake for example. Their song Here I Go Again was a 1982 hit in the UK, but was re-recorded in 1987 and became an international smash. That 87 recording was also released as a radio mix. All 3 versions are tracked seperately on Spotify (41.9m/30.6m/29.6m). Then there’s a 2008 remastered version on a compilation album (1.4m) for a total of 103.5m not counting live versions.

    Now then, same band did the same thing two years later. In 1989 they re-recorded the 1980 classic Fool For Your Lovin’. The 1980 version is included on the 2008 remastered compilation mentioned earlier. BUT these 3 versions of the song are all tracked as 1 by Spotify (5.9m).

    With the Scorpions it is the same. Their “Comeblack” album is rerecordings of their old hits (+a few new cover songs). While generally these new recordings are tracked seperately from the original versions, for some reason Rock You Like A Hurricane is not!?

    I’m not saying one way is wrong and the other is right, but I don’t understand why it’s done differently!


  20. Would it be possible to extend the featured lists to include some or all of the following or any other valuable lists?

    Top Selling Albums per country (Major Markets)
    Top Selling Artists per country (Major Markets)
    Top Selling Singles per country (Major Markets)
    Top Selling Albums Artists (Pure & EAS)
    Top Selling Singles Artists (Pure & EAS)
    Top Selling Music Videos
    Top Selling Music Video Artists
    Most Streamed Artists
    Most Streamed Tracks

    Also, although I appreciate this might be very time consuming, could the artists that were studied earlier in the process, be updated with all the measurements that have been included subsequently?

  21. Why are BeyoncΓ© albums sales so low?
    On other websites they are higher. She is also under certified. Did you take that into account?

    1. Hi Reader123,

      All figures are educated with updated data. There is no impact from the lack of certifications. Other sites are simply not accurate.

      1. Ok thank you very much for responding. I was looking into her sales and many people were saying they were t accurate because they haven’t been recertified. Same with Janet.
        Is it possible that you could do an article explaining how recertifications may not have a big impact on album sales and how you gather your data for your figures?

  22. Hi, thanks for your amazing work. But this is list seems incomplete to me, I mean, where is Avril Lavigne? She should be part of the list with her first two albums. Then, it would be amazing to have an accurate analysis of Avril figures.

  23. You know I think The Rolling Stoned would have come in slightly ahead of Queen if they had had their results done at the same time. I think because theirs was done last year before the release of ‘Lonesome and blue’, they lost out. Don’t get me wrong I love both bands, but…

  24. At some point you have to do more artists from the early 60’s………….cuz your best selling album for the year 1962 is Bob Dylans self titled album at 1.4 million copies. lol
    (Please do Rod Stewart, Phil Collins/Genesis, Elton John and………….oh wait, Elvis was around then………….yeah, him too. πŸ˜‰ Oh, and Frank Sinatra.

    On a side note: Can you do an article on music outside of pop/rock?
    I know in the U.S. they weigh Latin music MUCH differently (Selena gets 49x platinum for selling 2.8 million albums or something like that) and maybe talk about Jazz and Classical and what would be considered a HUGE seller in those formats. I know you did it for French pop………….just curious.

    Thank you

  25. Hotel California topping the song list on page 5 made me notice that usually all of the artists biggest song is the one we expect. Eagles #1 – Hotel California, MJ #1 – Billie Jean, Celine #1 – My Heart Will Go On, Whitney – I will always love You, Bee Gees, Queen, Abba, Bon Jovi, U2 etc. all expected.

    As a AC/DC fan I can’t wait to see which is their #1. The default answer would be Back in Black of course. Their biggest spotify song on their best selling album. But is this really a no-brainer?

    BIB only cover about 41% of spotify streams from that album, whereas HTH cover 77% of that album and Thunderstruck cover a massive 84% of The Razors Edge!
    Then there’s YSMANL, the 2nd biggest on BIB. It covers just 27% of BIB, but this is the only one of the big four on Who Made Who, covering 57% of that album too.
    Never a big singles band, but BIB could quite possibly be the smaller physical single of the four!

    What do you guys think?

  26. Don Henley and Glen Frey kicked Don Felder out of the Eagles…………….and Felder wrote Hotel California…………….I love the Eagles, but BIG mistake (and slap in the face)

  27. In terms of total albums, (all types) Sales, I see 4 currently who have topped 200 million. The Beatles, I’m sure, though that page was not added for them, Micheal Jackson, Pink Floyd and Madonna. I’m assuming Elvis will be near or above Micheal Jackson also. So that is 5 over 200 million. Can you see anyone else you would possibly study who would be break this threshold in this category, or would this be the extent of it? I thought maybe Elton would be the only other one, but on another site I saw he was at 178 million. Also, was wondering if you would make this list somewhere of all the artists you have studied. Again, thanks for the great work on this site. Totally blows away the b.s. on Wikipedia.

  28. Today AC/DC’s Back in Black (the song) topped 200m plays on Spotify! And at 193m Thunderstruck is not far behind!

    Anyone else in here been working on a list of top pre-2000 songs on Spotify?

    Here’s my list so far (as of jan18 unless otherwise noted):

    1 Oasis – Wonderwall – 388m
    2 Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ – 378m
    3 Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – 355m (dec17)
    4 Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit – 335m (dec17)
    5 Guns ‘N Roses – Sweet Child O Mine – 315m
    6 Michael Jackson – Billie Jean – 309m
    7 Bob Marley – Is This Love – 297m
    8 RHCP – Californication – 272m (dec17)
    9 RHCP – Under the Bridge -269m (dec17)
    10 AHA – Take On Me – 260m
    11 Toto – Africa – 251m (dec17)
    12 Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now – 246m (dec17)
    13 Go Go Doll – Iris – 245m (dec17)
    14 Eagles – Hotel California – 244m (dec17)
    15 Dr Dre – Still Dre – 236m (dec17)
    16 Dr Dre – The Next Episode – 229m (dec17)
    17 Nirvana – Come as You Are – 217m (dec17)
    18 Radiohead – Creep – 216m (dec17)
    19 Queen – Another One Bites the Dust – 214m (dec17)
    20 Bon Jovi – Living on A Prayer – 214m
    21 Metallica – Enter Sandman – 212m
    22 Blink 182 – All the Small Things – 208m
    23 Queen – Under Pressure – 207m (dec17)
    24 Guns ‘N Roses – Welcome to the Jungle – 205m
    25 The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony – 203m
    26 CCR – Fortunate Son -203m
    27 Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing – 203m
    28 Spice Girls – Wannabe – 201m
    29 AC/DC – Back in Black – 200m
    30 Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – 199m

  29. Updated complete list, included Sweet Home Alabama.

    1 Oasis – Wonderwall – 388m
    2 Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ – 378m
    3 Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – 366m
    4 Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit – 345m
    5 Guns β€˜N Roses – Sweet Child O Mine – 315m
    6 Michael Jackson – Billie Jean – 309m
    7 Bob Marley – Is This Love – 297m
    8 RHCP – Californication – 278m
    9 RHCP – Under the Bridge -275m
    10 Toto – Africa – 263m
    11 AHA – Take On Me – 260m
    12 Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now – 255m
    13 Eagles – Hotel California – 252m
    14 Go Go Doll – Iris – 250m
    15 Dr Dre – Still Dre – 242m
    16 Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama – 238m
    17 Dr Dre – The Next Episode – 234m
    18 Nirvana – Come as You Are – 223m
    19 Radiohead – Creep – 222m
    20 Queen – Another One Bites the Dust – 221m
    21 Bon Jovi – Living on A Prayer – 214m
    22 Queen – Under Pressure – 213m
    23 Metallica – Enter Sandman – 212m
    24 Blink 182 – All the Small Things – 208m
    25 Guns β€˜N Roses – Welcome to the Jungle – 205m
    26 The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony – 203m
    27 CCR – Fortunate Son -203m
    28 Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing – 203m
    29 Spice Girls – Wannabe – 201m
    30 AC/DC – Back in Black – 200m
    31 Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – 199m

      1. Thanks. How could I forget the Xmas classics!?

        Mariah Carey – All I Want For Xmas is You – 319m
        Wham – Last Christmas – 221m


        Survivor – Eye of the Tiger – 236m
        R.E.M. – Losing My Religion – 212m
        The Police – Every Breath You Take – 201m

        1. A few more, all just main versions again

          Earth Wind & Fire – September: 247,544,146
          Smash Mouth – All Star: 229,815,866
          Green Day – Basket Case: 203,617,271
          TLC – No Scrubs: 199,703,756
          Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams: 207,441,478
          Marvin Gaye – Ain’t No Mountain..: 218,444,936

          1. What are the odds! While checking out the Marvin Gaye figure I found his top two tacks both stand at 218,482,000! Mountain has one very big and one very small version. Healing has 8 versions.

            Earth, Wind & Fire – September – 280m
            Smash Mouth – All Star – 234m
            Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – 219m
            Marvin Gaye – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – 218m
            Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing – 218m
            Green Day – Basket Case – 206m
            TLC – No Scrubs – 200m (just under)

    1. I compiled a similar list way back in July 2014 and U2’s With Or Without You was #8 at the time, only 10% behind of Wonderwall and Bohemian Rhapsody. It’s incredible to see it now fails to enter the top 35/40 (stands at 191m) in spite of the Joshua Tree Tour and two new albums since then. The iTunes trick backlashed them truly hard, they felt out of fashion in no time.

      Stevie Wonder’s Superstition is on 197m. Over 190m is also Van Morrison’s Brown Eyed Girl at 192m and Aerosmith’s I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing. Blackstreet’s No Diggity has 5 versions adding for 200,4 million. I Want It That Way is over 195m.

      Oh, you forgot Foo Fighers’ Everlong on 238m and Jackson 5’s I Want You Back on 204m!

  30. Thanks Martin & MJD!

    Knew some of those were close, but not all of them.

    About U2, they’re not even in the top 50 any longer!

    Here’s the “new” list, all figures updated one of the past three days.

    1 Oasis – Wonderwall – 388m
    2 Journey – Don’t Stop Believin’ – 378m
    3 Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody – 366m
    4 Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit – 345m
    5 Mariah Carey – All I Want for Xmas is You – 319m
    6 Guns β€˜N Roses – Sweet Child O Mine – 315m
    7 Michael Jackson – Billie Jean – 309m
    8 Bob Marley – Is This Love – 297m
    9 Earth, Wind & Fire – 280m
    10 RHCP – Californication – 279m
    11 RHCP – Under the Bridge -276m
    12 Toto – Africa – 263m
    13 AHA – Take On Me – 260m
    14 Queen – Don’t Stop Me Now – 255m
    15 Eagles – Hotel California – 252m
    16 Go Go Doll – Iris – 250m
    17 Dr Dre – Still Dre – 242m
    18 Foo Fighters – Everlong – 238m
    19 Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama – 238m
    20 Survivor – Eye of the Tiger -236m
    21 Dr Dre – The Next Episode – 234m
    22 Smash Mouth – All Star – 234m
    23 Nirvana – Come as You Are – 223m
    24 Radiohead – Creep – 222m
    25 Wham – Last Christmas – 221m
    26 Queen – Another One Bites the Dust – 221m
    27 Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of this) -219m
    28 Marvin Gaye – Ain’t No Mountain High Enough – 218m
    29 Marvin Gaye – Sexual Healing – 218m
    30 Bon Jovi – Living on A Prayer – 214m
    31 Queen – Under Pressure – 213m
    32 R.E.M. – Losing My Religion – 212m
    33 Metallica – Enter Sandman – 212m
    34 Blink 182 – All the Small Things – 208m
    35 Green Day – Basket Case – 206m
    36 Guns β€˜N Roses – Welcome to the Jungle – 205m
    37 The Jackson 5 – I Want You Back – 205m
    38 The Verve – Bitter Sweet Symphony – 203m
    39 CCR – Fortunate Son -203m
    40 Dire Straits – Sultans of Swing – 203m
    41 TLC – No Scrubs – 202m*
    42 Spice Girls – Wannabe – 201m
    43 The Police – Every Breath You Take – 201m
    44 Blackstreet – No Diggity – 201m
    45 AC/DC – Back in Black – 200m
    46 Bob Marley – Three Little Birds – 199m
    47 Stevie Wonder – Superstition – 197m
    48 Backstreet Boys – I Want it That Way – 195m
    49 AC/DC – Thunderstruck – 193m
    50 Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl – 192m
    51 Michael Jackson – Beat It – 192m
    52 Aerosmith – I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing – 192m
    53 U2 – With or Without You – 192m
    54 Metallica – Nothing Else Matters -191m
    55 Guns ‘N Roses – Paradise City – 191m
    56 RHCP – Otherside – 190m
    57 CCR – Have You Ever Seen the Rain? – 190m

    *Found another version of No Scrubs at 1874K, so easily over 200m now.

    What really stands out to me from this list is Queen. For any artist to make it to this list is an incredible achievement – to have FOUR songs on this list of 45 tracks is insane! And We Will Rock You is gonna make it five (stands at 177m).

  31. Guys, do you have any plans to do CSPC for Bing Crosby? He is considered to be the best-selling recording artist of the 20th century. He may be more successful then Elvis, Michael Jackson…etc in terms of overall CSPC units.

    1. Hi Daydreamer!

      Bing Crosby is possibly the highest selling artist ever in terms of physical singles, but in terms of CSPC units he will come nowhere near to the likes Elvis / MJ or even Elton John / Phil Collins!

      1. Sounds like you just conformed that Crosby’s “White Christmas” song is the biggest song of all time by a huge margin. πŸ™‚

  32. Just repeating a post of mine from a while back but;

    “Would it be possible to extend the featured lists to include some or all of the following or any other valuable lists?

    Top Selling Albums per country (Major Markets)
    Top Selling Artists per country (Major Markets)
    Top Selling Singles per country (Major Markets)
    Top Selling Albums Artists (Pure & EAS)
    Top Selling Singles Artists (Pure & EAS)
    Top Selling Music Videos
    Top Selling Music Video Artists
    Most Streamed Artists
    Most Streamed Tracks

    Also, although I appreciate this might be very time consuming, could the artists that were studied earlier in the process, be updated with all the measurements that have been included subsequently?”

  33. Guys, did you know which was the first million selling LP by a single artist? And who was the artist? p.s: Try to answer this question without using Google. πŸ™‚

  34. Did you guys hear Def Leppard’s catalog is finally avaible on streaming platforms. It shall be interesting to see how they perform.

    Until now there has only been some newer albums, live recordings and a few re-recorded classics. The re-recorded Pour Some Sugar(2012), Rock of Ages (2012) and Hysteria (2013) are no longer available.
    Sugar had 104,521,000 plays on Spotify, Rock of Ages had 16,893,000.
    I don’t have the number for Hysteria… Anyone got it?

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