France best selling albums ever:
Chambre 12 by Louane (2015)

Until the early 90s, it wasn’t the norm to debut big. During the last 20 years, it became more and more frequent. Starting as incredibly well as Louane is still a feat as rare as remarkable.

Born in November 1996, the artist came into the spotlight at barely 16 in early 2013 when participating into The Voice season 2 TF1 highly popular TV show. Reaching the last 8 candidates, she failed to make the final.

Obviously, such an exposure helps but grants no success. Indeed, the winner of that season, Yoann Fréget, never managed to get even a Top 100 single. His debut – and only, possibly last – album debuted at #21 before leaving the Top 100 a mere four weeks later. What could Louane realistically expect then?

The immediate impact for her not winning the contest was the absence of a contract to record an album. Instead, she was selected to act into La Famille Bélier movie in 2014. A massive success in theaters – #2 of the year with nearly 7,5 million viewers –  Louane got several awards nods and wins, including a César, the French equivalent to Oscars. Her popularity was soon extremely high. The difficult times she faced in her personal life, losing both her parents within’ a year, increased even more the sympathy French public had for the talented teen.

Ultimately getting an opportunity to record an album after that movie success she hasn’t lost it. After a first unnoticed single Jour 1, which initially peaked at #110, the cover of Michel Sardou classic Je Vole, sung by Louane for the movie Soundtrack, went #2 in January 2015.

Nothing was safe as far as her own original material was concerned yet. Her debut single Avenir came into the singles chart from the back door, starting at #126 in that same January 2015 month. By its fourth week, it made the Top 50 at #43, two more weeks passed and the hit was already #10. Three more weeks later Avenir topped the French single chart, dislodging the monster smash Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

In the same week, the album titled Chambre 12 debuted at #1 providing the singer a chart double. Hardly anticipated a couple of months before, the increasing airplay of Avenir and the growing hype shot the LP to 60,370 first week sales. Sticking then at #2 for three weeks due to the annual caritative album of Les Enfoirés, Louane took over the throne again in April.

The buzz reached such heights that former #110 single Jour 1, went on peaking at #6 on its 37th charting week. At some point in May 2015, all three songs Je Vole, Jour 1 and Avenir where comfortably sitting inside the Top 20. In spite of Les Enfoirés competition, later continued with Francis Cabrel new album topping charts for 5 weeks, Chambre 12 never left the very top positions, going back to #1 frequently.

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