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The receipts database presentation

The pop culture is more and more obsessed with receipts. When you get involved into a stan war on social media, it’s always better to have them backing you.

Charts geeks also love receipts. They portray the history of the music industry, being are a fundamental piece to build all-time lists of top selling artists.

Many are widely available, like US and UK certifications thanks to RIAA and BPI databases.

The most we move away from traditional western markets, the hardest it gets to identify data yet.

Thus, a few charts followers go deep into digging old magazines, books, archived links, etc. I’ve been one of them for over 15 years.

During this timeframe, I’ve been lucky enough to be in touch with various industry insiders, collecting a lof of information from most markets.

I still use in a daily basis hundreds of these files to build CSPC articles. They involve no estimation, it’s pure, factual information.

This gold rush in quest of new data continues to this day, as we shown when we collected receipts covering more than 100 million of sales in the USRR.

When I created this article, I wondered why not putting together all these information I own into an all-in-one database, with a handy interface?

As these files are in languages as diverse as Japanese, Portuguese or Swede, with different formatting, uppercases or lowercases, etc, this task requires an uniformization and translation process that takes time.

While we will continue adding data to it, we offer you this first set of figures coming from USSR / Russia, Portugal, Yugoslavia, Poland, and Australia.

For now, you can search for an artist. Additional filters will be developed too.

Content of the receipts database

  • Australia: Billboard reports (1970-1989), certifications (albums, 1986-2020)
  • Brazil: shipment codes (2003-2021)
  • Denmark: various certifications and reports
  • Italy: shipment figures (albums, 1986-2008, downloads 2006-2008)
  • Japan: scanned units, best selling physical foreign singles
  • Norway: certifications (1960-73, 1986-87, 1993-2011), Year end lists (1984-1997)
  • Poland: shipment codes (1961-1987)
  • Portugal: certifications (1978-2019)
  • Russia: shipment codes (LP formats, 1992-1995)
  • Russia: certifications (albums, 1991-2012, ringtones 2010-2011)
  • South Korea: shipments (physicals int. 1999-2008, loc. 2010-2015, downloads 2011-2017)
  • USSR: shipment codes (LP formats, 1973-1991)
  • Yugoslavia: certifications (albums, 70s/80s)
  • + standalone but official reports

Expect more receipts to be added shortly.

The database contains 41,009 receipts so far.

Type in the artist you are looking for:

The Receipts Database

Number of results: 82
CountryArtistRecordRecord TypeReceipt typeYearReferenceCertificationUnits soldComment
AustraliaLed ZeppelinCelebration DayAlbumCertification2012Gold35,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinHouses Of The HolyAlbumCertification19962xPlatinum140,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinIAlbumCertification19992xPlatinum140,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinIIAlbumCertification19963xPlatinum210,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinIIAlbumCertification20074xPlatinum280,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinIIIAlbumCertification19962xPlatinum140,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinIIIAlbumCertification20063xPlatinum210,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinIn Through The Out DoorAlbumCertification20072xPlatinum140,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinIVAlbumCertification19967xPlatinum490,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinIVAlbumCertification20048xPlatinum560,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinIVAlbumCertification20099xPlatinum630,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IIAlbumCertification1970Billboard 1970/05/302xGold20,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinMothershipAlbumCertification2007Gold35,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinMothershipAlbumCertification2008Platinum70,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinMothershipAlbumCertification20142xPlatinum140,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinPhysical GraffitiAlbumCertification19962xPlatinum140,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinPhysical GraffitiAlbumCertification20093xPlatinum210,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinRemastersAlbumCertification1990Gold35,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinRemastersAlbumCertification1993Platinum70,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinRemastersAlbumCertification19962xPlatinum140,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinRemastersAlbumCertification19973xPlatinum210,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinRemastersAlbumCertification20005xPlatinum350,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinRemastersAlbumCertification20016xPlatinum420,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinRemastersAlbumCertification20048xPlatinum560,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinRemastersAlbumCertification20069xPlatinum630,000
AustraliaLed ZeppelinRemastersAlbumCertification200710xPlatinum700,000
BrazilLed ZeppelinCODACDCode0AA500Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinHouses Of The HolyCDCode0AA1,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinHow the west was wonCDCode0AB5,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinIn Through The Out DoorCDCode0AD1,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin 2CDCode0AD1,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin 2CDCode0AG1,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinLive At Earls CourtCDCode0AA2,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinMothershipCDCode0AA11,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinPresenceCDCode0AB1,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinThe Song Remains The SameCDCode0AA15,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinLed ZeppelinDVDCode0AI5,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinLed ZeppelinDVDCode0AK3,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinLed ZeppelinDVDCode0AM3,000Standard
BrazilLed ZeppelinLed ZeppelinDVDCode0AN3,000Standard
NorwayLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IIIAlbumCertification1972Cash Box 16.09.1972Silver20,000
NorwayLed ZeppelinLed Zeppelin IVAlbumCertification1972Cash Box 16.09.1972Silver20,000
NorwayLed ZeppelinRemastersAlbumCertification1997IFPI NorwayGold25,000
PolandLed ZeppelinRock And Roll (LZ)FlexiDiscCode1974416213,360
UKLED ZEPPELINCELEBRATION DAYAlbumScan DUS2014OCC report dated 2014/11/22214,13020141122
UKLED ZEPPELINFOUR SYMBOLSAlbumScan DUS2015OCC report dated 2015/3/14701,04920150314
UKLED ZEPPELINHOUSES OF THE HOLYAlbumScan DUS2014OCC report dated 2014/11/29210,05620141129
UKLED ZEPPELINLED ZEPPELIN 1AlbumScan DUS2015OCC report dated 2015/5/2368,17220150502
UKLED ZEPPELINLED ZEPPELIN 2AlbumScan DUS2014OCC report dated 2014/8/23446,43220140823
UKLED ZEPPELINLED ZEPPELIN 3AlbumScan DUS2014OCC report dated 2014/8/2354,64720140802
UKLED ZEPPELINMOTHERSHIPAlbumScan DUS2014OCC report dated 2014/7/5877,75420140705
UKLED ZEPPELINPHYSICAL GRAFFITIAlbumScan DUS2015OCC report dated 2015/5/2278,72120150502
UKLED ZEPPELINWHOLE LOTTA LOVESingleScan DUS2014OCC report dated 2014/6/21105,57920140621
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode073326,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198813714,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode1988141879,480
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198815325,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode1988153743,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode1988315,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode1988369100,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198840950,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode1988464121,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198849550,000?
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode1988521150,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198863618,30032412
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode1988693,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198871730,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode19891816157,820
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198924851,380
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198925623,420
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode19892666,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode19892760,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198945915,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198958949,800
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198958940,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode198966265,000
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode19898050,900
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode19904477,500
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode19904511,200
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode19905846,820
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode199183010,500
USSRLed ZeppelinStairway To HeavenAlbumCode19919828,950