France Album Sales: Jean-Jacques Goldman

Jean-Jacques GOLDMAN 1

This week some 15 years ago, French Album Chart saw an album debut in a big way at #1, Chansons Pour Les Pieds by Jean-Jacques Goldman. Far from a surprise, this result was logical as since the artist breakthrough in the 80s everything he released was a surefire #1 record, including his live albums. The surprise comes from View More

France best selling albums ever:
Notre-Dame De Paris Musical (1998)

Notre-Dame De Paris Musical

Even if legendary French musical Starmania was first released in 1978, albums related to the franchise sold over 2 million copies during the 90s. This gave ideas to its lyricist Luc Plamandon who wrote some twenty years later a new musical, Notre-Dame de Paris, along with his composition partner Richard Cocciante.

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