France Album Sales: M. Pokora

M.Pokora press photo

If we go back in time to 2003, it has now been two years since reality TV stormed into the French Media’s environment. Apart from the pure voyeurism shows, a branch of music-axed programs also quickly appeared led by TF1’s gigantic show Star Academy and M6 channel’s famous Popstars. As successful as they may have been at some point, most singers discovered by those shows are now relics from the past. Most but not M. Pokora who’s now  View More

France best selling albums ever:
Juste Avant by Patrick Bruel (1999)

Juste Avant by Patrick Bruel

By 1993, Patrick Bruel held the highest selling French album of all-time with his 1989 release Alors Regarde. As it often happens with such a sudden and disproportionate success, the singer suffered a strong backlash and follow up 1994 release, although selling decently for most artists, ended being a strong disappointment. Thus, Juste Avant was a pivotal album, re-installing the artist as a major seller or marking him as a one-album wonder.

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