Genesis albums and songs sales

CSPC Genesis albums and songs sales

Rare are the bands that have been successful before, during and after the solo success of their members. Genesis are one of them.

Never really hyped, they remained consistently strong from the late 70s to the 90s. We review their discography in numbers.

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Streaming Masters – Genesis


One of the most successful prog rock groups of all-time, we tend to resume Genesis too loosely as Phil Collins‘ former band, overlooking their own strength.

We went through multiple audio and video streaming platforms to analyze how popular their catalog remain, and which songs lead the way among their catalog hits.

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Going through Brazil’s top foreign sellers of the 80s

Are you ready for a fascinating ride in the Brazilian atmosphere of the 80s? We may caricature the local music scene and say that moms were crazy about Roberto Carlos, that kids went wild with Xuxa and that youth’s idols were Legião Urbana. That’s fine, but do we really know which of our beloved international stars were also successful there?

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