France Album Sales: Renaud

Amoureux de Paname Era

Not much interested by studies and deeply contesting French society of his young adult years, Renaud ended as a street singer in Paris by the time he was 22 in 1974. Unlike most street singers the artist was already interpreting some songs written and composed by himself. He got noticed by a Polydor producer. Quickly, he recorded songs he used to sing and issued them in 1975 on his first LP, Amoureux de Paname.

As it was often the case at the time when artists had to prove their appeal before getting relevant promotion, this record impact was limited with both the album itself and its singles failing to chart. It still attracted enough buyers to justify a follow up record. Below numbers of most streamed tracks are pretty strong showing the strong following the artist ended getting.

Top 3 Most Streamed Tracks on Spotify
  1. Hexagone – 1,094,000
  2. Société Tu M’Auras Pas – 641,000
  3. Amoureux De Paname – 427,000

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