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The request system

For many years we have been digging into sales figures of all-time best sellers. Our CSPC list is more and more complete, but top artists are still overdue.

To give more visibility to upcoming articles, we decided to make the choice of next CSPC artists entirely up to you.

The aim is to be comprehensive among top sellers, so we fixed a list of artists who need to be treated.

How do we define these artists? We have set these limits of expected results:

  • over 50 million CSPC sales
  • over 30 million CSPC sales for a local artist
  • over 15 million CSPC sales with a single album

This concludes on a list of 135 artists.

Silver members can assign 3 points the way they want: 3 points to 1 artist, 1 point to 3 artists, etc.

Gold members can assign 25 points up to 10 artists, while Platinum members can assign 100 points up to 10 artists as well, with a maximum per artist of 25 points.

Each artist is also assigned a factor going from 1 to 4, the highest representing the largest sellers. The target is to facilitate the truly top sellers to be treated soon enough.

Once you allocated your points, your votes will impact the leaderboard of requests which sorts artists thanks to their score, which is the multiplication of their votes with the factor of the related artist.

Once a new CSPC artist is published, the next one to be treated will be automatically the current leader of the list. Votes for him will be cleared to allow the leaderboard to keep running.

You are free to complete or update your votes as many times as you want.


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I just notice that Cliff Richard is not yet here despite having estimated sales of over 250 million records (albums and singles) worldwide. He was not very big in America being huge in Europe but even in Australia,Canada and South Africa he was able to have multiple #01 songs.

Since at 81 years old he was able to have the best selling 2022 Calendar on UK Charts I wonder if it isn’t time to look at an artist that have had 68 UK TOP 10 Hits including 14 #01 songs.



He definitely hasn’t sold “250 million records”, maybe half of that, and mostly singles.


Hi, could you create a page to see the music streams of Brazilian singer Juliette? She released her EP in September and broke several records, the EP picked up 6.5 million streams on debut. All this after her victory at “Big Brother Brazil” 2021 (#BBB21), she gained 24 million followers in 3 months and currently has almost 33 million

Profile: https://open.spotify.com/artist/5coW9ioCpvEYGx4v1nvWec?si=7ivR_XkXTVSqiJrZSFrfjQ

Tom Riise

Any new article coming soon ?.

Tom Riise

Thats’s great, it will be most interesting to read the Jimi Hendrix analysis.




It would be nice to see some figures on the originators of R&R such as Little Richard and Chuck Berry and their cohorts from the 50’s.


Where is GOT7. They have sold 300,000 copies of their album Eyes On You and 450’000 copies of their EP Dye.


Where Twice, they have 10.7 million album (full+Mini+Single), 9.4 billion view yt (Kworb.com) 3 billion stream spotify, 2.7 billion stream (Melon+Genie)


Why not add The Weeknd to this list?

Tyler Helt

What about the country band Flordia Georgia Line


How did you please do this with Iron Maiden ?

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