CSPC Voting System

The request system

For many years we have been digging into sales figures of all-time best sellers. Our CSPC list is more and more complete, but top artists are still overdue.

To give more visibility to upcoming articles, we decided to make the choice of next CSPC artists entirely up to you.

The aim is to be comprehensive among top sellers, so we fixed a list of artists who need to be treated.

How do we define these artists? We have set these limits of expected results:

  • over 50 million CSPC sales
  • over 30 million CSPC sales for a local artist
  • over 15 million CSPC sales with a single album

This concludes on a list of 135 artists.

Silver members can assign 3 points the way they want: 3 points to 1 artist, 1 point to 3 artists, etc.

Gold members can assign 25 points up to 10 artists, while Platinum members can assign 100 points up to 10 artists as well, with a maximum per artist of 25 points.

Each artist is also assigned a factor going from 1 to 4, the highest representing the largest sellers. The target is to facilitate the truly top sellers to be treated soon enough.

Once you allocated your points, your votes will impact the leaderboard of requests which sorts artists thanks to their score, which is the multiplication of their votes with the factor of the related artist.

Once a new CSPC artist is published, the next one to be treated will be automatically the current leader of the list. Votes for him will be cleared to allow the leaderboard to keep running.

You are free to complete or update your votes as many times as you want.


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Roxette, Europe and Belinda Carlisle please


Can you please add a Liberian Rapper Bucky Raw? His last Album debuted on Billboard world Album at number 10 he’s been trending on Apple Music and Audiomack with his projects hopefully one day Spotify will be available in Liberia


Can you add the latin artist TINI?

Cameron Tracy

Oh and I’m so sorry a few others too please to add as well (sorry I’m commenting so much)

50s: (later)
Doris day

Carole king


Amy grant
Billie piper

Natasha bedingfield
Mama Mia soundtracks (both)

Moana (soundtrack)
Trolls (soundtrack)
Frozen 2 (update)
Alesia cara

Cameron Tracy

Could you also add to my list of requests (Nelly furtado for the 2000s), also when I get a job soon I’m gonna pay for the platinum membership I love you guys and wanna help with the articles and fund the page someday soon please do all my requests I’m so excited however though small note I do not like how the download sales aren’t listed anymore like for example with Olivia Rodrigo could you maybe re post certain artists and keep the download/physical singles sales listed please? Again thank you so much for all your hard work I love… Read more »


Paramore ?????????

claudius Faria

Where are Pet Shop Boys and New Order on this list?


Please review Reba’s sales.


update ariana grande discography please


update shawn mendes discography please

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