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CSPC Voting System

The request system

For many years we have been digging into sales figures of all-time best sellers. Our CSPC list is more and more complete, but top artists are still overdue. To give more visibility to upcoming articles, we decided to make the choice of next CSPC artists entirely up to you.

We select artists who need to be analyzed…

The aim is to be comprehensive among top sellers, so we fixed a list of artists who need to be treated. How do we define these artists? We have set these limits of expected results:

  • over 50 million CSPC sales
  • over 30 million CSPC sales for a local artist
  • over 15 million CSPC sales with a single album

This gives us a list of 135 artists.

Each of them is assigned a factor going from 1 to 4, the highest representing the largest sellers. The target is to facilitate the truly top sellers to be treated soon enough.

… and you vote for them

Members can assign points according to their membership level:

  • Silver members: 3 points, given any way you want (3 points to 1 artist, 1 point to 3 artists, etc.)
  • Gold members: 25 points, given to up to 10 artists
  • Platinum members: 100 points, given to up to 10 artists as well, with a maximum of 25 points for each artist.

Once you have allocated your points, your votes will impact the leaderboard of requests which sorts artists thanks to their score, which is the multiplication of their votes with the factor of the related artist.

Once a new CSPC artist is published, the next one to be treated will be automatically the current leader of the list. Votes for him will be cleared to allow the leaderboard to keep running.

You are free to complete or update your votes as many times as you want.


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Hey, can you please update Britney Spears’ sales?


pls can y’all addd nicki….




have you ever thought about doing study of Andrew Lloyd Webber in the same way you did a study of Lin Manuel Miranda, because I’m sure Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Joseph, Jesus Christ Superstar combined must have accounted for quite a few sales


I would say with the current disco revival that’s happening, it would only be fitting to do the Queen of Disco Donna Summer!


Can you please add Britney Spears to the list? The last time she was updated was in April of 2019. I do think her sales have gone up a bit after the vinyl releases.



That’s okay but is there a way to request an artist that already has CSPC that hasn’t been updated in a while to be updated?


I would say don’t forget about L’Arc en Ciel the Japanese band. As far as I know they are very high selling. There are more, but it seems like you have you hands full. I’ll recommend more once you go through some of these.


Can you guys do a Nicki Minaj page for albums and song sales please?


We have an article of record sales of Bad Bunny but NOT Tina Turner, Diana Ross or Sinatra. Not even The Queen of Soul.


Last edited 5 months ago by marehardy

Can we get a Nicki Minaj page?


can we get nicki or we decide to be racist?


Honestly, just piss off and take your idiotic, racist stupidity with you.

Mycol Dylan
They should analyze Nana Mouskouri's sales to see if she sold 300 or 400 million records, although I think it would be very difficult to know.
Mycol Dylan
Toni Braxton is one of America's most recognizable and award-winning voices.