Mass update: CSPC totals jump by over 250 million

CSPC the greatest selling artists of all-time

For years, many of you have been waiting patiently for every new Commensure Sales to Popularity Concept (CSPC) article, pieces of work portraying in detail the success of an artist.

Today, with introduce the biggest revolution since the start of this concept.

In fact, the streaming component of CSPC totals will now be updated automatically as soon as you want it!

The best selling artists ever

If you are not familiar with this concept, it consists in retrieving sales figures from every format and weighting them on par with album sales.

In doing so, we grant that comparisons between artists from different periods make sense, unlike lists based on raw records totals.

The method also secures that the same formula is applied to all artists, avoiding issues related to the varying conversion rate used for streaming in different markets as well as by most labels on their communications.

All figures for sales have been detailed on each artist article, available through the link under their name.

The column ‘Other LPs’ includes long formats made of already released material like greatest hits compilations, box sets, live records, bootlegs, and music videos.

Digital singles include both downloads and ringtones.

The automatic update of streams

Data related to streams uses multiple audio and video platforms to convert into EAS (Equivalent Album Sales). The formula is defined as below.

Equivalent Albums Sales (EAS) = ( Spotify * 310/207 + Genie * 3.05*2 + AWA * 100/5.5 ) / 1500 + ( Xiami * 125/6.5 + YouTube ) / 11750

Platforms Genie, AWA, and Xiami reflect artists’ popularity in South Korea, Japan and China, respectively.

Once we apply the formula to the results of an artist, we are able to define a conversion rate between Spotify numbers to comprehensive streaming EAS.

We then apply this rate to last updated streams from Spotify as searched by our users with our tool.

For example, if an artist had 3 billion streams on Spotify and 5 million EAS from streams when last studied while he is up to 6 billion streams now, the process will add him 5 million EAS on top of his previous total.

If something happens to significantly change the ratio, like a local artist getting a big global smash, we will update it inside our database.

Regular users of our streaming search tool know it doesn’t retrieve features that do not appear inside an artist page.

In backend, we do have a version of the tool that does look for what we use to call orphan songs.

The script looks at the former streaming EAS from the article, the calculated EAs based on the last user search (without orphans) and the calculated EAS based on the last backend search (with orphans) and uses the highest figure on below table.

We will make sure to frequently look for the largest artists in terms of orphan songs like Rihanna, Drake and Justin Bieber.

A last specificity are artists with side discographies that are accounted for into their CSPC article because of their huge contribution on them.

Selena Gomez & The Scene, Beyoncé as part of The Carters, Rod Stewart & The Faces, the Jackson 5 with the Jacksons, etc.

We also accounted for these cases by looking at the relative strength of the side discography so that the calculation remains comprehensive.

If you happen a number going down, it would be either because we revised the artist ratio downward or because Spotify made a song unavailable. In this later case, we will fix the situation manually as soon as we notice it.

For further details, feel free to use the comment section.

If you would like to support us and can afford it, you may reach our contribution page. If you have more time than money and are interested in participating in the content creation, please reach us through comments, Twitter or email, we will be reaching you back!

Top CSPC – the all-time artists chart

To allow you to see the tremendous impact of this mass update, which adds for over 300 million sales over all artists, we temporarily display head to head the former CSPC total along with the updated one.

The below table presents the best selling artists of all-time using the below ratios.

  • Studio Album: sales of the original album
  • Other LPs: sales of compilations generated thanks to the album
  • Physical Singles: sales of physical singles from the album (added to CSPC total with a ratio 3/10 for 2-tracks, 5/10 for EPs and Maxis)
  • Digital Singles: sales of digital singles from the album (ratio 1,5/10 for CSPC total)
  • Streaming: equivalent album sales of all the album tracks (ratio 1/1500 for Audio stream and 1/11750 for Video stream)

The * mark after streaming numbers means the value contains orphan songs.

Naturally, older artists have very few features, so the absence of them can be irrelevant.

The Beatles for example have simply no orphan song at all on Spotify, meaning that all their songs are available on their artist page as they recording no featuring nor songs for various artists releases.

#PICArtistTotal CSPCStudio Albums SalesOther LPs SalesPhysical Singles SalesDigital Singles SalesSales UpdateStreams EAS (Update)
1TheThe Beatles414,824,000160,650,000203,392,000116,080,00035,230,00003/01/1710,674,000* (04/03/21)
2MichaelMichael Jackson329,801,000182,600,000101,997,00079,350,00079,930,00009/27/179,409,000* (04/03/21)
3ElvisElvis Presley316,207,00053,150,000212,309,000135,210,00037,470,00009/01/184,566,000* (02/28/21)
4QueenQueen268,301,00090,230,000139,348,00049,960,00059,650,00001/25/2014,784,000* (04/03/21)
5MadonnaMadonna243,696,000146,450,00064,420,00075,210,00042,100,00008/13/173,948,000* (04/03/21)
6TheThe Rolling Stones240,302,000113,800,00092,495,00072,770,00046,200,00012/03/165,245,000* (04/03/21)
7PinkPink Floyd233,492,000169,600,00052,025,0008,800,00023,360,00006/18/175,723,000* (04/01/21)
8LedLed Zeppelin203,836,000141,500,00051,200,0006,350,00032,030,00008/08/164,427,000* (04/01/21)
9EltonElton John200,118,00088,630,00082,400,00065,340,00026,250,00002/05/185,548,000* (03/31/21)
10U2U2197,772,000127,100,00053,051,00022,550,00040,500,00008/31/164,781,000* (03/31/21)
11CélineCéline Dion195,878,000136,200,00040,424,00039,290,00026,660,00009/23/163,468,000* (04/03/21)
12AC/DCAC/DC195,489,000132,470,00049,349,0007,200,00033,450,00002/20/186,492,000* (04/03/21)
13RodRod Stewart & Faces188,807,000100,150,00066,819,00055,220,00017,420,00011/23/192,650,000* (04/01/21)
14EminemEminem186,841,00097,920,00025,487,00014,380,000197,610,00007/31/1929,480,000* (04/03/21)
15EaglesEagles173,297,00065,425,00096,732,00016,630,00020,440,00012/20/173,086,000* (04/02/21)
16MariahMariah Carey171,740,000116,100,00031,228,00036,890,00050,130,00004/28/175,826,000* (04/03/21)
17MetallicaMetallica159,638,000121,260,00020,164,00015,480,00040,770,00002/13/197,454,000* (04/02/21)
18ABBAABBA159,262,00045,300,00091,491,00054,400,00017,870,00011/02/163,471,000* (04/01/21)
19BruceBruce Springsteen159,197,000103,400,00042,176,00021,010,00025,420,00007/07/173,506,000* (03/29/21)
20BeeBee Gees159,041,00075,525,00056,477,00072,790,00017,230,00004/09/172,617,000* (04/02/21)
21WhitneyWhitney Houston154,828,000113,600,00017,175,00049,520,00034,250,00005/04/174,058,000* (04/03/21)
22BarbraBarbra Streisand152,966,00091,370,00049,714,00035,250,0003,680,00003/16/18754,000* (03/26/21)
23PhilPhil Collins149,334,00093,780,00039,905,00029,910,00022,690,00004/11/183,273,000* (03/29/21)
24BillyBilly Joel148,768,00091,400,00040,235,00036,900,00021,000,00010/19/162,913,000* (04/01/21)
25FleetwoodFleetwood Mac148,411,00084,550,00046,392,00026,060,00032,030,00010/08/164,847,000* (03/30/21)
26BonBon Jovi147,317,00089,450,00039,176,00027,980,00038,450,00011/16/164,529,000* (03/31/21)
27SantanaSantana144,512,00089,465,00046,265,00015,380,00016,560,00008/04/201,762,000* (02/12/21)
28GarthGarth Brooks144,340,00081,605,00062,341,000950,00090,00001/05/1994,000* (03/18/21)
29BobBob Dylan143,881,00083,350,00047,870,00017,680,00030,410,00010/23/162,796,000* (04/01/21)
30BobBob Marley138,899,00043,075,00081,593,0009,980,00033,690,00011/21/176,183,000* (04/03/21)
31PrincePrince132,943,00086,580,00027,141,00042,910,00029,590,00010/04/181,911,000* (03/31/21)
32AerosmithAerosmith131,771,00071,710,00048,158,00015,500,00025,550,00006/01/183,420,000* (03/31/21)
33DavidDavid Bowie128,599,00071,500,00036,023,00044,200,00019,830,00001/11/174,840,000* (04/02/21)
34SimonSimon & Garfunkel125,120,00037,820,00075,732,00023,830,00014,350,00005/11/182,267,000* (03/31/21)
35StevieStevie Wonder122,065,00065,605,00028,070,00065,320,00034,490,00003/17/213,541,000 (03/17/21)
36GunsGuns N' Roses121,269,00086,360,00020,134,00011,900,00037,210,00003/01/185,623,000* (03/31/21)
37TheThe Doors115,724,00051,980,00055,480,00013,860,00011,100,00003/03/192,441,000* (03/31/21)
38PaulPaul McCartney110,957,00061,670,00027,441,00057,970,00011,250,00012/13/182,767,000* (03/30/21)
39DireDire Straits110,105,00071,730,00031,635,0008,380,00010,900,00003/23/182,591,000* (04/03/21)
40GeorgeGeorge Michael & Wham!107,458,00060,200,00026,150,00049,880,00016,770,00005/07/173,629,000* (04/03/21)
41BritneyBritney Spears104,139,00068,595,00011,460,00018,600,00083,030,00004/28/196,050,000* (04/03/21)
42VanVan Halen102,494,00079,620,00014,065,00010,450,00016,810,00012/14/203,148,000* (02/09/21)
43ColdplayColdplay99,396,00059,560,0005,979,0002,050,00093,680,00011/30/1919,185,000* (04/03/21)
44RihannaRihanna98,956,00033,100,000500,0003,560,000251,150,00007/03/1926,617,000* (04/03/21)
45TaylorTaylor Swift98,012,00048,220,0003,768,000260,000158,560,00010/23/2022,158,000* (04/03/21)
46TheThe Police97,862,00046,370,00040,183,00023,810,00011,300,00006/06/202,459,000* (04/01/21)
47BackstreetBackstreet Boys96,827,00058,900,00025,685,00018,010,00022,550,00002/09/173,456,000* (04/03/21)
48RedRed Hot Chili Peppers95,733,00061,870,00016,881,0004,800,00044,400,00003/29/188,883,000* (04/03/21)
49NirvanaNirvana92,712,00045,000,00037,650,0004,190,00023,250,00007/09/175,317,000* (03/31/21)
50CreedenceCreedence Clearwater Revival91,189,00033,135,00045,489,00022,570,00014,600,00001/31/193,605,000* (03/31/21)
51DrakeDrake90,114,00014,775,00000137,310,00008/28/1754,743,000* (04/03/21)
52AdeleAdele90,051,00059,110,0003,855,000530,000100,240,00006/02/1911,891,000* (04/03/21)
53EnyaEnya87,880,00065,480,00017,069,0005,250,0009,610,00002/25/182,313,000* (04/03/21)
54BryanBryan Adams87,665,00042,260,00030,518,00032,090,00017,250,00003/23/192,673,000* (03/23/21)
55LinkinLinkin Park86,079,00048,350,00014,500,0003,210,00073,710,00006/04/1711,210,000* (04/03/21)
56GreenGreen Day86,003,00058,250,00013,567,0003,050,00044,600,00003/11/176,582,000* (03/18/21)
57BeyonceBeyonce82,504,00033,430,0004,431,0004,070,000166,890,00005/02/1818,389,000* (04/03/21)
58ShaniaShania Twain81,579,00063,200,00011,259,00013,130,00010,700,00012/05/161,576,000* (04/01/21)
59JourneyJourney81,012,00040,250,00031,623,0008,090,00029,770,00009/13/192,248,000* (02/25/21)
60StingSting79,689,00052,360,00017,720,00016,010,00014,160,00006/14/202,420,000* (04/01/21)
61JustinJustin Bieber79,225,00019,810,0007,120,000540,000110,890,00008/04/1935,499,000* (04/03/21)
62BlackBlack Sabbath78,353,00046,280,00027,467,0003,300,00011,280,00003/08/201,884,000* (03/23/21)
63JanetJanet Jackson77,830,00050,500,00012,175,00040,640,00013,350,00004/17/17962,000* (04/02/21)
64RobbieRobbie Williams76,159,00046,500,00021,770,00011,960,00013,860,00012/15/192,205,000* (03/31/21)
65JohnnyJohnny Hallyday75,788,00026,740,00035,156,00043,740,0001,430,00001/01/18557,000* (01/30/21)
66SadeSade75,062,00051,560,00018,565,0006,270,00011,140,00007/01/201,384,000* (04/02/21)
67JohnJohn Lennon73,511,00031,420,00030,759,00026,780,00012,160,00010/16/181,474,000* (03/30/21)
68CherCher73,248,00034,825,00021,889,00046,220,0009,630,00008/30/171,224,000* (04/03/21)
69SupertrampSupertramp71,670,00048,540,00017,999,00010,070,0006,830,00008/13/191,085,000* (03/31/21)
70MaroonMaroon 570,966,00026,050,0002,138,0001,600,000149,190,00012/02/1919,880,000* (04/03/21)
71EdEd Sheeran70,020,00021,970,000466,000130,00079,640,00010/27/1935,595,000* (04/03/21)
72LadyLady Gaga69,427,00031,215,0004,790,0001,570,000128,860,00012/18/2013,620,000* (04/03/21)
73P!nkP!nk67,914,00037,025,0008,906,0007,270,00081,150,00010/15/177,629,000* (04/03/21)
74MichaelMichael Buble65,707,00047,800,0006,344,000770,00035,400,00012/11/166,022,000* (03/31/21)
75BTSBTS65,577,00021,850,0007,960,0003,220,00030,880,00009/04/2030,166,000* (04/03/21)
76UsherUsher64,299,00036,160,0002,201,00012,040,00093,610,00009/04/178,284,000* (03/31/21)
77ShakiraShakira63,504,00034,780,0006,620,0008,460,00056,350,00006/21/1811,115,000* (04/03/21)
78MeatMeat Loaf62,237,00048,300,0009,565,00010,850,0003,900,00006/16/18533,000* (03/31/21)
79OasisOasis61,372,00041,050,00010,046,00011,420,00018,800,00012/06/174,031,000* (04/03/21)
80AyumiAyumi Hamasaki61,307,00021,810,00019,339,00025,980,00046,480,00009/27/19637,000* (03/30/21)
81BrunoBruno Mars60,222,00017,375,00040,000250,000149,580,00006/27/1920,296,000* (04/03/21)
82JacksonJackson 5 & The Jacksons58,794,00026,400,00019,027,00031,160,00013,720,00009/26/171,961,000* (04/02/21)
83AlanisAlanis Morissette57,555,00047,065,0006,951,0003,340,0009,080,00006/05/181,175,000* (03/25/21)
84BlackBlack Eyed Peas56,593,00033,350,000251,0006,590,000103,960,00008/03/175,421,000* (04/03/21)
85EnriqueEnrique Iglesias55,674,00033,900,0005,300,0008,900,00050,110,00009/27/166,287,000* (04/01/21)
86NickelbackNickelback55,563,00040,500,0001,824,0003,020,00057,280,00006/28/173,741,000* (03/31/21)
87ChristinaChristina Aguilera54,357,00030,400,0004,375,00012,740,00069,950,00003/18/175,267,000* (03/30/21)
88OneOne Direction52,246,00023,900,0006,350,000120,00057,000,00005/14/1713,409,000* (04/03/21)
89OzzyOzzy Osbourne52,037,00039,370,0007,483,0003,760,00015,180,00003/12/201,754,000* (03/19/21)
90PaulPaul Simon51,930,00034,390,00011,598,00012,820,0003,740,00005/10/181,536,000* (03/31/21)
91NorahNorah Jones51,623,00043,550,0002,825,000300,00018,600,00011/04/162,468,000* (03/31/21)
92TracyTracy Chapman51,580,00043,760,0003,519,0003,480,00012,490,00006/25/191,382,000* (03/28/21)
93JustinJustin Timberlake50,963,00023,490,0001,480,0005,330,000102,090,00002/09/189,080,000* (04/03/21)
94KatyKaty Perry50,651,00015,880,000300,000870,000135,430,00006/16/1913,896,000* (03/26/21)
95AliciaAlicia Keys50,236,00032,960,0002,524,0003,690,00057,750,00011/19/164,982,000* (04/03/21)
96BostonBoston50,157,00041,330,0004,803,0005,640,0009,540,00006/01/19902,000* (03/28/21)
97SpiceSpice Girls49,401,00037,050,0004,349,00020,020,0005,200,00003/23/171,216,000* (04/03/21)
98Destiny'sDestiny's Child47,766,00033,010,0005,800,00011,120,00022,320,00005/02/182,273,000* (04/03/21)
99MileyMiley Cyrus47,467,00023,050,0002,365,000250,00070,530,00012/06/2011,397,000* (03/21/21)
100CranberriesCranberries45,765,00037,650,0003,710,0004,120,0008,210,00001/25/181,938,000* (03/28/21)
101AvrilAvril Lavigne45,190,00032,290,0001,206,0003,510,00046,160,00002/10/183,349,000* (04/03/21)
102NSYNCNSYNC44,885,00037,930,0002,669,0006,980,0005,110,00002/09/181,426,000* (04/03/21)
103ArianaAriana Grande44,785,0005,225,000499,00050,00050,360,00010/16/1931,489,000* (04/03/21)
104MannheimMannheim Steamroller44,145,00033,305,00010,344,00040,0002,410,00012/24/20114,000* (01/30/21)
105JenniferJennifer Lopez44,096,00026,120,0004,811,00010,760,00036,810,00006/24/184,416,000* (04/03/21)
106TheThe Weeknd42,232,0005,235,0003,035,00080,00044,270,00009/10/2022,724,000* (04/03/21)
107FooFoo Fighters42,145,00026,750,0006,207,0001,430,00026,610,00010/10/174,768,000* (03/31/21)
108TLCTLC40,794,00032,195,0001,920,00013,120,0008,350,00004/07/191,490,000* (04/03/21)
109TakeTake That39,034,00019,930,00014,016,0009,210,00010,240,00012/15/19754,000* (02/17/21)
110KellyKelly Clarkson36,734,00021,600,0001,460,0002,200,00062,010,00005/23/183,711,000* (04/03/21)
111KylieKylie Minogue36,581,00020,320,0007,103,00019,720,00012,150,00004/16/181,418,000* (02/18/21)
112NoNo Doubt35,257,00025,730,0006,058,0004,910,0006,080,00003/29/201,085,000* (04/03/21)
113ImagineImagine Dragons33,074,0007,960,000371,00030,00045,410,00009/19/1817,921,000* (03/31/21)
114AmyAmy Winehouse32,683,00023,180,0002,411,000580,00021,660,00007/19/193,669,000* (04/02/21)
115KendrickKendrick Lamar31,862,0005,725,00050,000032,650,00004/12/1921,189,000* (04/03/21)
116PostPost Malone31,111,0001,720,00010,00040,00014,640,00011/26/2027,172,000* (04/03/21)
117DidoDido30,892,00026,630,000420,0005,320,0006,210,00002/18/191,314,000* (04/01/21)
118EvanescenceEvanescence30,729,00022,440,0002,755,0002,170,00018,390,00006/30/192,125,000* (04/01/21)
119CarrieCarrie Underwood29,435,00018,050,000839,000500,00054,410,00009/09/182,235,000* (04/03/21)
120SelenaSelena Gomez28,490,0005,780,000270,00080,00041,610,00003/21/2116,170,000 (03/21/21)
121JamesJames Blunt28,477,00020,440,0001,020,0002,130,00023,090,00002/05/192,913,000* (03/31/21)
122SamSam Smith27,343,0006,525,00025,000100,00032,700,00010/11/1715,858,000* (04/03/21)
123BjörkBjörk25,950,00019,730,0004,372,0002,620,0003,460,00012/23/18543,000* (03/31/21)
124GorillazGorillaz24,296,00014,830,0001,240,0002,110,00019,000,00005/08/174,743,000* (04/03/21)
125ShawnShawn Mendes22,736,0002,630,000120,00040,00020,330,00010/08/1916,925,000* (04/03/21)
126FugeesFugees22,503,00017,310,0001,348,0007,160,0005,240,00002/18/21910,000* (03/28/21)
127RenaudRenaud22,184,00013,230,0007,667,0002,660,000690,00011/01/17385,000* (01/30/21)
128LanaLana Del Rey21,788,0007,950,000565,000210,00020,200,00008/24/1710,180,000* (04/03/21)
129MacklemoreMacklemore21,737,0003,225,00045,00080,00039,270,00011/07/1712,553,000* (03/21/21)
130Ms.Ms. Lauryn Hill21,506,00015,610,0001,734,0003,660,0007,670,00002/18/211,914,000* (04/01/21)
131BillieBillie Eilish20,924,0002,270,0002,00010,0005,920,00007/04/2017,742,000* (04/03/21)
132ArcticArctic Monkeys20,837,00010,340,000302,000560,00012,870,00005/14/188,097,000* (04/03/21)
133DemiDemi Lovato20,726,0004,480,00035,00050,00035,890,00010/09/1810,812,000* (03/29/21)
134AviciiAvicii20,315,0002,200,000170,000250,00036,700,00004/25/1812,365,000* (03/29/21)
135GwenGwen Stefani19,874,00012,060,000154,0003,130,00029,040,00004/12/202,365,000* (04/02/21)
136AaliyahAaliyah18,122,00012,200,0003,174,0006,350,0003,050,00002/14/17384,000* (04/03/21)
137DuaDua Lipa17,668,000945,0006,00020,0007,020,00001/05/2115,658,000* (04/03/21)
138FergieFergie13,895,0006,450,00025,000750,00036,900,00007/12/171,660,000* (04/02/21)
139LittleLittle Mix12,414,0003,670,0000130,00012,020,00002/02/206,902,000* (03/31/21)
140Will.i.amWill.i.am12,335,000950,0000750,00053,300,00007/20/173,166,000* (03/29/21)
141LordeLorde11,388,0003,300,000100,000019,250,00006/22/175,101,000* (04/03/21)
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can you add this page to the “best selling artists, song, albums of all time” ?

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Can I ask which artist is being done next please?


Hi MJD !!! I am very pleased that4 the next artist you will analyze are Sting & The Police, they are among my favorite artists, I hope that soon you will also analyze some famous Italian artist not only in Italy, but also in France, Germany, Spain and in much of the Europe and South America (Latin America) such as Eros Ramazzotti, Zucchero Fornaciari, Andrea Bocelli and Laura Pausini; I think that as an Italian I’m very curious about their real sales for studio albums, compilations and their physical and digital singles, I don’t trust Wikipedia very much, I think… Read more »


Sorry, can’t understand what mean orphan songs? Why Beatles ” have simply no orphan song at all” as wtitten higher, but they have over 60 mln in “orphan album’s” sales position at their page? And why this is EAS, when in EAS albums rating MJ’s albums have over 290 mln? And how MJ have less streaming then Betles? On youtube he have too much more views.


Oh I’ve understood what mean “orphan”, but still don’t understand why written that Beatles haven’t it. And I’ve understood about MJ albums, but then I can’t understand about singles. If I count sales at his page — it’s more. And still have no idea about streaming column.


Ok, first of all, when MJD said the Beatles had no orphan songs, he refers to recent ones (like this is so obvious I don’t even know how you questioned this). 2nd, Michael Jackson may have more YouTube views but the Beatles in Spotify are much stronger and they are in a competition with Queen for being the Legacy act with more daily streams. And as we all know: Spotify streams>YouTube streams.


Sorry, still don’t understand. Beatles have many orphan songs. Look at their own page here. They have over 60 mln sales with orphan songs. (I’m not native seaker, maybe don’t understand something.)
Maybe Spotyfy streams are more important, but… MJ has too many more views, but Beatles have not many more streams.
But ok, I just want to understand what means this numbers of streaming.


The problem is that Youtube views weight a lot less, and the Beatles have 7.7 billion Spotify streams while MJ has 5.8 billion.


Ok, will know.
“ Naturally, older artists have very few features, so the absence of them can be irrelevant. The Beatles for example have simply no orphan song at all.”
Maybe he meant just features as orphans?


Yes he did. The idea of that quote is that MJD misses a new song of a Legacy artist, it may not be important at all.


And MJ already had 6 billion as I know. He was good at streaming in last year.
And as I can see “We are the world” single didn’t count as his orphan. I’m interested in why? All people know it as his song. It there isn’t in his list and I can’t see it in list of most successful singles, but it is🤷‍♀️


Because the author of the song is USA for Africa, not Michael Jackson and all the other artists.


But… authors are Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie. Or what do you mean?


Thank you! Ok, but it’s not fair) (It’s not pretension for you) But why it there isn’t in “the most selling singles” pages? I correctly understand about Beatles orphan songs? You meant just features? Cause they have 69 mln sales of orphan songs. And I already feel myself stupid, but I can’t understand single’s sales numbers. I’ll continue with Jackson. At his “biggest track” page numbers higher then 160 mln🤷‍♀️ What mean that numbers? And what about albums like “Greatest hits” or something like that? Or MJ’s “Blood of the dance floor” mini album for example? As I understand it… Read more »


Do u add Indian streams?!


Why only add Spotify ? In India we have jio saavan, where we have millions of MJ streams and they are not included here!!


Ok. Thank you! But can you tell me please about this two articles…
What numbers are right?
Here MJ has over 5 blns — Beatles have over 7 blns.
But here they both have over 6 blns. I know that MJ now has over 6 blns, but how Beatles and Queen numbers could getting lower?


Oh, that’s it… Thank you! I finally understood everything)


Hello !
I have a question, why are the sales higher than before in total pure sales ? I mean for example, when I add all the pure sales, the total is 494 770 000 sales (500M with EAS).
But on this article, when I add only the pure sales, the total is 515,2M (523,8 with EAS)

Why this rise ? Did you ajust other things except EAS ?

This observation is the same for most of the artists


Cuz you didnt add every extra CD apparently (Remaining long format)


Ohhh ok I see, thank you !!


Can you please study Namie Amuro’s sales? Would be interested to see hher CSPC.

David Humphries

Will be interesting to see cliff Richard cspc please.


We Don’t Talk Anymore (About His Sales)


BIGBANG have over 150M sales
please add Bigbang


Maybe 150m cheap DLs lol


Speaking of South Korea, IU and Busker Busker have sold around 90 million and 50 million downloads there, respectively.

However, since most of those sales were in 2010-2012, when downloads in South Korea were much cheaper, they would be weighted at less than 1,5/10 CSPC.


I thought about this a lot too. These numbers clearly don’t reflect the actual market size of South Korea. I’d say probably in some way. I have noc conclusive answer as of now but you will get one if we ever study one of these acts.


I think it would just be a simple matter of weighing Korean downloads from before 2013 lower than those after 2013. The years 2007-2009 were huge years for digital sales not just for BIGBANG, both for other legacy stars such as Girls’ Generation, Wonder Girls and 2NE1. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that each of them sold over 15 million (admittedly low-price) downloads just in those three years. Regardless, South Korean sales (physical and digital) from 2009 remain a black box for myself and many other charts researchers. After seeing what the Chartmasters team did in terms of… Read more »


It’s more complicated than that I think. Even if they went down in value) have they always been extremely cheap. The Korean digital market was 10 times smaller than Japan in 2012. But the sales numbers from there were just as bi if not bigger. The download revenue was almost 2 times larger in Italy in 2017, a market you’re lucky to hit 20k in with a song.


I think you should know Fandom system. It is the matter of the fact that 1 person’s range. I mean they can downloads same album through Melon, Ginie, etc. That was 1 example. Korean markets is smaller than Japan. Also the percentage of 1980s people(born in 1980s) are larger than 1990s people.


I don’t think fandoms have too much of an impact on DLs as some makes it out to be. (they’re way more reflected in physical sales)
The main problem is just that DLs there are so cheap or even free with some subscriptions.


In Korea, I mean. If I can, I would show the real community systems. It’s amazing.


Shakira have 145M Sony music confirmed


This is CSPC, not sales


How are you tracking sales in the Latin market, especially in Latin America/Spain? And how reliable is that, honestly….


I’m so glad we’re finally going to have the Sting/Police CSPC article. When is it gonna be published ?


I have almost the same questions as Peter:
How do you know or estimate sales in the rest of Asia as well as in Africa/Middle East?
For example, you estimated Escape by Journey in Asia (excluding Japan) at 130 000 copies and in Africa/Middle East at 93 000 copies. That album didn’t reach any certification in these regions. Countries like India, Indonesia and Nigeria don’t even have official album charts.
I’m asking out of curiosity.
Stay safe! 🙂


Drake sold less studio albums than Justin Bieber lol
The power of Spotify


more like the magical effect of effective playlisting on spotify that does wonders for ”big” artists


Artist X wouldn’t have sold that much either if people didn’t place their albums on the store shelves


Bieber also hardly release a thing over the past few years.


This list is definitely a joke where is gloria estefan????

Agustin Alvarez

This is a list of artists they have studied. She”ll be added when they do the research on her.

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