Elvis Presley’s physical singles sales

Sales per country

The US and the UK are far and away the biggest singles markets for Presley. It’s the result of both a higher popularity there and markets much larger than anywhere else. Obviously, he was also popular in Canada but singles have never been that big there. In Germany, many of his singles failed to chart but he got several high points with It’s Now Or Never, Wooden Heart, Good Luck Charm, (You’re) The Devil In Disguise, Kiss Me Quick and In The Ghetto, all at 200,000 units or more. The story is similar in Japan with several hits from his soundtracks performing well time to time.

In Australia the success arrived later than in other English-speaking countries but then he sold bucket loads from 1960 onwards. These are the only 6 markets where the singer sold more than 3 million physical singles. In France and Italy he hasn’t make it because of a lack of success. In other countries like the Netherlands and in Scandinavia he was massive but the market was simply too weak. Please notice that Scandinavian countries aren’t listed separately but he sold more in Sweden than in the Netherlands. Career sales in the 500,000-1,500,000 range have been registered in countries like Denmark, Norway, Switzerland and Belgium.

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colin bratkovich

ROBERT/ My previous comments noting SINGLES sales of Elvis Presley product before 1977 are noted to add to your CHARTMASTERS update of September, 2018./ These are LATER sales to add. The following note UK re-issued SINGLES titles, issued from 2004, given silver (200,000) & gold (400,000) & platinum (600,000) awards AFTER your SEPTEMBER, 2018 cut off./ CHARTMASTER NUMBERS ARE NOTED/ 2021 (200,00) LOVE ME TENDER 6 IT’s NOW OR NEVER 1 DEVIL IN DESQUISE 15 An AMERICAN TRILOGY 77 RETURN TO SENDER 8 IF I CAN DREAM 39 2021 (400,00) IN THE GHETTO 10 2020 ( 400,00) JAILHOUSE ROCK 4… Read more »

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