Elvis Presley’s physical singles sales

Sales per singles


It’s Now Or Never emerges at the top with 5,42 million units sold. The fanciful claims surrounding it almost make this number look disappointing, it isn’t. To give some perspective to this number, acts like Michael Jackson, Madonna, ABBA and the Rolling Stones never sold that much with a unique physical single. The song sold close to 2 million units in the US, over 1,2 million in the UK, half a million in Germany and then around 100,000 units in every relevant market from that time.

Maybe even more impressive is the volume of ground breaking smashes Presley amassed through the years. His complete Top 10 cracks 3 million. Sales of 1,5 million would be a career-high for most acts but that’s not enough to feature inside the personal Top 30 of the King. He can fill half a dozen 12-tracks playlists with half a million sellers.

Singles at the lower end of this list are local releases that only came out in minor singles markets. Please note that an estimated 300,000 units can be added for various additional releases of this nature.

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colin bratkovich

ROBERT/ My previous comments noting SINGLES sales of Elvis Presley product before 1977 are noted to add to your CHARTMASTERS update of September, 2018./ These are LATER sales to add. The following note UK re-issued SINGLES titles, issued from 2004, given silver (200,000) & gold (400,000) & platinum (600,000) awards AFTER your SEPTEMBER, 2018 cut off./ CHARTMASTER NUMBERS ARE NOTED/ 2021 (200,00) LOVE ME TENDER 6 IT’s NOW OR NEVER 1 DEVIL IN DESQUISE 15 An AMERICAN TRILOGY 77 RETURN TO SENDER 8 IF I CAN DREAM 39 2021 (400,00) IN THE GHETTO 10 2020 ( 400,00) JAILHOUSE ROCK 4… Read more »

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