CSPC: Arctic Monkeys Popularity Analysis

Streaming Part 2

With Humbug, we though the Arctic Monkeys were dead. Surely, the poor reception of the album and its singles can’t be ignored. Despite the initial cold results its tracks enjoy healthy streams nowadays at 10 million or more. It is up to 215,000 EAS so far.

Similarly, Suck It and See started slow but records good catalog streams. All its tracks are incredibly close from 12 to 30 million plays. That’s good enough for 285,000 EAS.

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Kinda sad how their worst album is the 2nd best selling.. Well, guess it’s just how pop industry works


Please can we have Tool or Smashing Pumpkins or Marilyn Manson that sold a lot more than AM?


I don’t know them but I recognized their biggest track. Ill check on the rest time.

But im actually wondering why Arctic Monkeys and not other music artists that are more requested. Im not complaining though.


Arctic Monkeys have just released their new album.

Love the new design btw 🙂


This is cool………but why not focus on the biggest acs of all time as a priority?


Great article! But I don’t understand how their sales stand at 65,000 in Spain while AM sold 110,000 copies there alone, I’m pretty sure the latter is the one that’s wrong 😉

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