Data Collector – Top Female ASR (Artist Success Rating)


With the introduction of the revolutionary concept Artist Success Rating, we can expect many talks and debates around its results. As usual, female divas will be discussed more than anyone else.

To avoid flooding the introduction of the concept with these comments, here is the list of the top performing females! Please keep in mind that some artists haven’t been studied so far, e.g. divas like Tina Turner, Gloria Estefan and Kylie Minogue.

For all explanations about the concept, please go back to the introduction which details everything. The ASR is a pure rating indicator, it must be interpreted in relative terms. For example, Whitney Houston has been 10% more successful than Mariah Carey.

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It is really fake news that mariah could have much money from her songs. Many singers write/produce their songs. It is a battle between them and the company, we don’t think that the company will pay the most part of money which generated from sales of singels/albums to the singers. Keep that in your mind always, you work for the company, the company promote your albums/singles, they need to feed the workers! not just only the singer. when it comes to mariah, there are many lies/rumors about her sales and networth, her fans really like fake news, which some of… Read more »

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Indeed I agree with you, in all 90’s divas, Mariah’s fanbase is probably the most delusional one. Most of them are toxic Mariah stans, they are spreading fake news in every platform. They are the ones trying to argue with others with nonsense. They even claim that “Mariah’s best selling artist of all time” because of that misinterpreted article of Billboard about 1 billion, which obviously Mariah’s streams not pure sales. Mariah also can’t fully take control of her royalties ever since she leave Columbia records, because of Tommy Mottola. Same thing happen to Taylor Swift that’s why she re-released… Read more »


I agree with you. To me singers are so entitled. At the end of the day they are nothing but a contract worker. Top singers are already overpaid by the record label, and they are still complaining that they aren’t paid enough. Well you use their money to sell your music, so follow their rules. If you want more freedom and more money, use your own money to promote your music. Lol. The entitlement among musicians as if they are to be treated far more privilege compared to other contract worker out there is mind blowing. I do pity the… Read more »


It is reasonable. totally agree with the list. As time goes by, singers like taylor, adele etc will proceed more.


Esta mal rihanna ocupaba el 2 lugar y katy el 7


1. records =/= unidades equivalentes de álbum, cspc, etc
2. no creas lo que te dice wikipedia y un artículo nada que ver xx


2020 : Rihanna is 2nd with 241 M and Madonna is still 1st with 300 M


2020 update pls?


I believe it’s not very accurate