How streaming will change your way of enjoying music

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It is easy to claim that it was better before. It isn’t because we do not always have the ability to evolve with time that we should disregard everything that is new.

As much as we praised them, records sales were deeply unfair. Comparing results of distinct artists was always biased. Pricing issues, distinct formats, catalog exploitation, different promotion levels, size of the fan base, gift-friendly material, availability limits, piracy, boundaries of countries, collectors, multi-artists records, Q4 rush or summertime for release, etc., an awful lot of technicalities injected inequity into all figures.

Streaming will not only make the whole industry healthier, it will not only gives you access to more music, more easily, on higher quality and cheaper than ever, it will also fix all those flaws.

As sales are still going on, we can’t look at streams only. In some years though, once most of the general public uses streaming, rankings from everywhere will be more meaningful and more accurate than ever. After decades of misleading information, the real popularity of every song, album, artist will be known. A new era is happening and this era is going to be amazing for the industry, for the artists and for us, the music fans.

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Sources: Soundscan, RIAA, BPI, Billboard, Dutch Charts, Danish Charts, Businesswire

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Do you plan to write an article about the upcoming end of iTunes? Apple apparently plans to terminate it this year according to various articles.


Is it fair to say that Taylor Swift is one of the artists most guilty of artificial sales? Packaging them with different collectors items so fans will buy mulitple, increasing the chances of getting tour tickets by buying multiple CDs, making the album unavailable for streaming so the CDs can be bougt. She also seems to have a very high amount of collector fans, many of which openly admit to buying multiple copies to help Taylor reach her goal of 1m debut.


This is really interesting, I can’t wait to see streaming in it’s full potential! One question though.

Would it still be possible for this site to estimate accurate streaming numbers since Spotify and YouTube seem to be the only large streaming services that are showing their numbers? Who knows what services will take off in Africa or how large Asian services could get.

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