CSPC: P!nk Popularity Analysis


Physical Singles Sales – Part 2
I’m Not Dead (2006) – 249,000 equivalent albums

Stupid Girls – 200,000
Who Knew – 190,000
Nobody Knows – 70,000
Dear Mr. President – 190,000
Leave Me Alone (I’m Lonely) – 20,000
U + Ur Hand – 160,000

Funhouse (2008) – 141,000 equivalent albums

So What – 260,000
Sober – 90,000
I Don’t Believe You – 20,000
Please Don’t Leave Me – 50,000
Bad Influence – 20,000
Funhouse – 30,000

The Truth About Love (2012) – 24,000 equivalent albums

Blow Me (One Last Kiss) – 15,000
Try – 25,000
Just Give Me a Reason – 30,000
True Love – 10,000

Beautiful Trauma (2017) – 3,000 equivalent albums

What About Us – 10,000

Orphan – 420,000 equivalent albums

Lady Marmalade – 1,300,000
Raise Your Glass – 30,000
F**kin’ Perfect – 20,000
Bridge Of Light – 20,000
Remaining Singles – 30,000

From 2006, downloads were seriously taking over from physical singles as the main sales format. P!nk had the good idea to become a major seller in both Germany and Australia, two of the countries that continued to sell 2-track CDs well into the 00s. In fact, she still sells physical singles in GSA – Germany, Switzerland, Austria – with all her songs released physically there, including What About Us. Consequently, if figures of her more recent eras look weak, the truth is that P!nk pushed that segment of the market to its limits.

A last word about the collaboration Lady Marmalade. This 2001 single sold very well upon release hitting #1 in the US, the UK, Germany and Australia among other nations. That success was good enough for 1,3 million sales.

Her career-total is of 7,26 million units, a pretty nice figure for someone who debuted in the 00s in Europe and with only one US release.

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I hope this year you will update Pink’s sales, and include You+Me. Since 2017 she has had many sales updates in Australia, Germany, Mexico, Canada, France, Brazil, UK and USA. With the possible release of their ninth studio album this year, I believe we will still have more updates.


Would love an update on P!nk.

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Still waiting for a update over here. Among the top100 list pink is the act who most need to be updated.

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Is funhouse able to be million seller in germany?



Is there a typo in the CSPC result part? It says “Beautiful Drama” instead of “Beautiful Trauma”.


please update P!nk! She released 3 albuns since this artycle


Is it possible to update this artycle? When will be it possible? The increase is insane, she released 2 albuns and 1 more copilation albuns

Beautiful trauma is around 5 milion and h2bh is at least 2 million cspc

If u cannot update please give us at least a estimative.

We want to know the numbers of the You+Me project too.

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